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Oct 18, 2012 11:44 AM

Village/Downtown types, please weigh in: Commerce vs Cafe Cluny vs . . .

Looking for something a little fun and different, but not trendy, loud or pricey (entrees in the $20s) and need to take a rez. Should be pescatarian-friendly. We're somewhat geographically flexible, but the Village and points north and south work best as a middle ground for for our Brooklyn-UWS meetup. So far, I've found availability at:

Cafe Cluny
Bread Tribeca

Any thoughts? Any alternatives?

Please weigh in!



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  1. What date is this dinner happening? How many people are in your party?

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    1. re: kathryn

      This Sat. Party of four. Early. The list is based partly on places that currently still have openings -- but might not for long! Any thoughts?? Also in this class of restaurants (more or less) are Perilla, August and Snack Taverna, all of which we've enjoyed -- but we're looking for something new.


      1. re: fmogul

        I just checked UrbanSpoon and I see open tables at Frankies 570 and Jeffrey's Grocery.

      1. re: Duppie

        Good idea! Been meaning to try Prune, but it's a bit out of the way for those of us on the clock with babysitters. That's why we're keeping it more west, despite all kinds of goodies in the E. Village.

        1. re: fmogul

          It's worth the effort, I am always amazed at what comes out of that kitchen and lulled by the vibe.

      2. Commerce, while good, is insanely loud at night. Scratch...

          1. I really like Bread. Cafe Cluny was very young/trendy when I went for brunch. I didn't find Commerce that loud.