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Oct 18, 2012 11:09 AM

Good lounging and/or working cafes?

I'm on the hunt for some cafe options - places to hang out, have a coffee or two, read a book or do a bit of writing, people watching, that sort of thing. I love Oddfellows in Capitol Hill, but I've already been there several times and I feel like I need to diversify. Also, Oddfellows is great for working but the chairs are less so for sitting back with a book.

Downtown, Queen Anne, Belltown, Pioneer Square, Capitol Hill - any of these areas will be good.

Though I tend to prefer my coffee served by someone with an ironic moustache, it doesn't have to be the absolute best in the city (passable to good, yes). Atmosphere, light, comfort, wifi, quiet-ish get the idea. Cheers!

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  1. I like Victrola in First Hill personally.
    Seating isn't abundant but I've never been there and not been able to find a place to sit. Good vibe, friendly staff, and passable to good coffee depending on which Barista you get.

    Also, I have only tried their U-District location so I don't know what the Pioneer Square one is like, but I'm a fan of Trabant for both coffee and lounging.

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      Definitely Victrola on First Hill. You'll get work done and their coffees and espresso are in my opinion the best in Seattle.

    2. Bauhaus is a coffee shop in Capitol Hill thats open late. They sometimes play their music too loud for my liking but thats what my earbuds are for. Grab a window seat and you can ppl watch to your heart's content.

      1. Does Cherry Street Coffee House still have that nifty underground lounge?
        Also the 3rd & Marion store abuts a grandly nifty lobby with good chairs minimal hullabaloo, and I bet wifi from the shop serves the lobby.

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        1. re: mrnelso

          The Elliot Bay Cafe was a capacious hangout in the day. but I do not know about the new place on the hill.

        2. Cafe Fiore on upper QA is nice. They have adirondack chairs and a southwestern exposure that is great on sunny days. Good coffee, but not much in the way of pastry.