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Oct 18, 2012 11:06 AM

Dinner in Providence on a Monday night.

Meeting my GF down in Providence for dinner on Monday when she gets done with work. We both live in Boston and are looking for some good recs. Cook & Brown and La Laiterie are both closed on Mondays so any other suggestions would be appreciated. Also, pretty open to all types of cusine. Thanks

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  1. If you have an auto go to Newport. Its restaurant week and some of the best in RI are in Newport plus you can walk around the city afterwards.

    1. Try New Rivers. Good place for a date, intimate but not stuffy. Excellent food.

      1. I highly recommend Los Andes (, a Peruvian restaurant near the VA Medical Center. It's nice but not fancy, with a warm neighborhood feel, and the food is hearty, different, and delicious.