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Oct 18, 2012 10:35 AM

Bonsoiree 3.0

Chef Shin has announced plans for the third incarnation of Bonsoiree. What is cool is he will be auditioning chefs next month by having them operate a pop up dinner in the restaurant and then he plans to have the new venue up and running in December. The pop up meals will be open to the public!

Here is the link to an article about this:

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  1. I wonder how much one could infer from this regarding what happened with Kim & Clark.
    (The Grub Street article on the closing gave some hints... )

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    1. re: huiray

      His plans now include renaming and reconcepting the restaurant:

      1. re: nsxtasy

        Yes, I know that, thanks. Yes, I also read that Eater article previously. Yes, I understand the concept of his renaming and reconcepting the restaurant.

        What I was asking about was what happened between Kim&Clark and Shin. Whether his deciding to stage pop-up restaurant trials for his next exec chef and explicitly seeking dining public feedback before he decides which new chef he wants is saying anything about what really went down between himself and Kim&Clark.

    2. I wouldn't make much of Kim & Clark leaving. We had been to Bonsoiree under Shin Thompson probably over a half dozen times. I think it might have been a victim of its own success. The Michelin star raises expectation for the owners as well as diners.

      We started going when it was a $65/six course BYOB menu. It gradually started climbing a pricing ladder. I think it was a $90/nine course BYOB menu the last time I was there. Climbing the ladder like that, you have to find new clientele and hope you can train/retain some of the original customers. Shin is a very talented chef, but the place is a simple storefront in a so-so neighborhood. There was no parking or valet. We usually had to park a block away on a street that does not have a lot of pedestrians.

      When they started a ticketing system for $130-160 with Kim & Clark, I thought it might be difficult to make that work. Tax and tip were included, but the corkage fee or the offered pairings were both pricey. The Table, Donkey and Stick is probably a better concept for the location.