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Oct 18, 2012 09:31 AM

best late-night sushi/sashimi omakase?

Coming in from Portland for three days. We've got reservations at Ko for lunch, and Esca for one dinner. I'll be eating at Xi'an Famous because it's awesome and we've got nothing like it in Portland. But what we're missing is some great sushi.

I was all set with a 9:45 reservation at the sushi bar at 15 East,which I was very excited about, but we just had to cancel it because our show won't get out until 10:30, and it's at 8th Ave & 52nd, thus putting us into an 11:00 reservation, and 15 East won't go that late.

Where can we get a spectacular omakase that will give us an 11pm (saturday night) reservation. We prefer to sit at the sushi bar and be regaled by the sushi chef while we eat, but I suppose we can forgo that and sit at a table so long as the food is really great.

Thanks for any thoughts.

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  1. Sushi of Gari 46, Morimoto, and Soto will take 11pm reservations.

    I would not say that Morimoto's sushi is its strong point, and Gari is a more modern/creative style. Depends what you seek. Sushi of Gari 46 will be much closer to your theatre.

    Soto is a quick subway ride away (~10 minutes on the C/E), as you probably don't want to fight the post-show taxi rush.

    You can also try to walk in at Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya. No reservations taken, but you won't have to worry about being late and they do serve until 2am. According to foodwhisperer, at least one of their chefs is ex-Ushiwakamaru.

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      Sushi of Gari Tribeca will take reservations to 11, But if you get the "spectacular " omakase , it will cost you heavily. It cost me approximately $250 pp before tax, tip and beverages.

    2. The Sushi of Gari location on 46th (btw 8th & 9th) is both really close, and takes rezzies up to 11:00 PM on Saturday nights.

      Otherwise, the only places I can think of that would be taking rezzies that late are further downtown, and you'd be hard pressed to get there in the half-hour after your show (give yourself ten minutes just to get out of the building after some shows, depending where your seats are... then Saturday night traffic...)

      But if you want to risk it, or being a smidge late:
      Soto - though they're more famous for the composed dishes than the (still good) sushi/sashimi.
      Morimoto - again, better for the composed dishes.That said, they take rezzies up to 11:45.
      Megu Tribeca - rezzies until 11:30. Decent, but not a place I'd personally go out of my way for. Find them a touch overpriced as well.

      1. Sushi Seki is open that late. They do a Gari style of Sushi which while not my thing a lot of people like. I will say this, between Gari and Seki, I prefer Seki as they still have a better variety.

        You can take a crosstown cab from your theatre. "Should not" be too much traffic at that time.

        1. Thanks for the input. I can't go to Gari 46, because I used to go to Sushi of Gari when the long trip to the barren far east side was the only way to get there, and you could just walk in and sit at the counter. With all the expansion, well, I wish him all the best, I really do. I very much enjoyed eating at his place. But I just know that I would walk into Gari 46 and the progress and expansion would depress me. You know how it is - you know a cool little place where you can drop $100 without any drinks (gasp!) but the sushi is like nothing you've ever tasted before. But then everyone hears about it and next thing you know there are four restaurants and it's just not the same.

          Kind of like Pok Pok. I've been going to the hole-in-the-wall in Portland forever, and it's fantastic. But I wouldn't be able to bring myself to go to the NY outpost, much as I truly do want Andy Ricker to make lots and lots of money.

          Also, Gari 46 wouldn't give me an 11:00 res at the counter, if you want to know the real reason. But I'm not bitter. Not at all.

          So we've got an 11:00 res at Seki, which I'm very excited about!

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            I think the superb Sushi Zen stays open late.

          2. Sushi of Seki is the best place I can think of that stays open late (I think until 2:00am), has a great sake list (better than Gari's in my opinion), and has great omakase. I always prefer to sit at their sushi bar.