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Oct 18, 2012 09:11 AM

Seeking retail sources for Florida stone crab claws

The season runs October 15 to May 15, so I'm expecting some of these to show up in area fish markets. Has anyone spotted them yet, and if so, where? I believe they are always sold pre-cooked.

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  1. My brother has always had them shipped from Joe Stone Crab in Miami. It comes with mustard sauce too.

    1. Go to this web site right now I don't see it as yet but here is the toll free number 1-800-500-9929 I've orderd from them for years and if you ever go to Pensacola make sure you take a huge cooler a fish market to die for. good luck and let us know if you order,what you thought.
      I now live in Arkansas when I order I always have it send 2nd day air much much cheaper,they do a fantastic job of packing with lot's of jell packs, never had an order go bad.

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        I've been to Joe Patti's twice and it is outstanding. Thanks for the tip that they do a good job shipping.

      2. P.S I just called Joe for you well not just for you cause you made my mouth water,they said they won't get them in for another 2 or 3 week's,If you can wait till then it really would be worth the wait as Joe's Stone Crab will cost you an arm and a leg,I'm origanlly from Miami have been to the restaurant many times and love it but for shipping It;s just too high,my opinion of course.
        Also from J.P you have to order at least 5 pounds please look over there entire web site.ENJOY