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Oct 18, 2012 09:07 AM

Need food gift ideas from Indiana

My company gives a vendor holiday gift every year that reflects the company's growth. This last year, they broke into the Indiana market and I've been set with the task of determining a vendor gift.

Last year, we expanded into Wisconsin so cheese was an easy choice. The year before that, they grew in California and we sent wine from Napa.

So... is there a food item that is specific to Indiana that is giveable and interesting?


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    I like the hoosier/sugar pie idea best
    Check out

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      do make sure you call it "sugar cream pie" though.

    2. Popcorn. Indiana is famous for popcorn.

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        These were exactly what I was looking for - thanks, everyone!

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          >> Popcorn. Indiana is famous for popcorn.

          Just don't get it from the brand called "Popcorn Indiana" which is based in New Jersey. :)

          Gutwein Popcorn is located in Francesville Indiana, and they have a sign on the side of a huge silo right next to I-65 between Chicago and Indianapolis. Their website is Other brands based in Indiana include Weaver Popcorn ( ), Ramsey Popcorn ( ), and Yoder Popcorn ( ).

          For a list of products made in Indiana (not just popcorn, but many items), see

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            That is very interesting, nsxtasy! I had looked at Gutwein and was a little disappointed in their limited products.

            I hate to say that my executives liked the "Popcorn Indiana" because of the various flavors they offered. As a holiday gift, they are more inclined to send something that is ready-to-eat whereas most of the other sites are just offering the popcorn as something that has to be prepared - or, if they do offer some that is ready-to-eat, there is only one or two flavors which does not make for a great holiday package.

            That other link is very helpful and I will research some of those options as well. I know I am getting a head-start on the project, but these are items that will have to be ordered and sent sometime around Thanksgiving and I hate waiting 'till the last minute!

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              here are a couple of other Indiana popcorn ideas:

              Just Pop In popcorn, from Indianapolis:
              Not Just Popcorn, from Edinburgh:

        2. Perhaps some chocolate from the South Bend Chocolate Company could be a part of a gift....

          1. I love Sechler's pickles, made in Indiana. Lots of varieties and great service.