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Oct 18, 2012 08:41 AM

passover programs 2013

Does anyone have any experience with the following passover programs and their associated hotels.

A. Afikoman Tours at the Ravella Resort Lake Las Vegas.
B. Worldwide Kosher Tours at the Westin Lake Las Vegas
and at the Riviera Resort and Spa in Palm Springs CA.
C. Five Star Kosher Tours at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort and Casino.
D. Club Kosher at the Grand Melia in San Juan Puerto Rico.

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  1. Also looking for a review of the Sheraton on the Falls Passover Program in Niagara Falls, Canada. Thanks!

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    1. re: sbg1818

      I'm friends with the director of that program (Upscale Getaways) and I heard that this year they're having two Pesach programs - one in Niagara Falls and another one at the Dolce Resort in Connecticut.

    2. Any experience with Fountainebleau in Miami? Any other programs recommended in Miami? We went to JW Marriott (which then cancelled so we went to Fairmont Mayakoba) but kids want to be in Miami....

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        I was at the Holiday Inn/Days Inn by MLM kosher tours in Miami, right by the Fountainebleau. it was terrible. The food was disgusting, it was very disorganized and the hotel was gross. but i guess you get what you pay for. I have heard really good things about the Fountainebleau, they seem to have a pretty solid program, but more expensive than others.

      2. We have done Club kosher 4 times I believe. They were all phenomenal. They were the best vacations we ever went on.

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          really? was at gran melia last yr the food and service were TERRIBLE, the resort was ok but i wouldnt go back bec of the program. they basically served leftovers the entire yuntif and nickel and dimed u on everything to the extent that they wouldnt put bottles of soda on the tables but u had to go up to a bar and ask for a cup of soda every time u wanted something to drink--same thing w the wine and grape juice. the food was horrible, the same thing every night for 7 days straight and there was never enough food, dinner would start at 8 the kitchen would run out of food by 830.

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