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Oct 18, 2012 08:33 AM

Farmhouse Cresskill

Anybody been? Place looks beautiful, yet it has pretty bad reviews on Yelp-- menu (see link) looks very pricey, egg & cheese sandwich $6, Wedge salad, $10.

And then, there is a photo on one link that says "We cannot alter the menu at all-- no special requests-- it slows down the kitchen."

So if I don't care for avocado on my egg sandwich, or no parsley on my green salad, tough luck-- no "slowing down the kitchen".

Sounds like a pass, unless someone has a really convincing review of the place...

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  1. And for those premium prices you get to order at the counter and bus your own table. The food was fine but could not get past the bill. Go to tri valley for a real breakfast.

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    1. re: foodyum

      Piermont Restaurant, on Piermont Road in Tenafly, literally BLOWS away the Tri Valley. Much better food, homemade soups, great eggs & home fries. They had a makeover so the place is pretty spiffy. Try their "Hobo" sandwich, scrambled eggs and homefries combined for a great sandwich!

      1. re: lemarais

        Hasn't Piermont restaurant been closed down?

        1. re: doxy216

          No, it had a renovation, new owners, and is going strong. Great breakfasts and lunch!