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Oct 18, 2012 07:30 AM

Joint birthday dinner ideas?

The boyfriend and I share the same birthday, which means we only get one birthday dinner a year. We try to make it nice - the first time, we did the 7 courses with drink pairings at PS7s, which was phenomenal and fun (not fussy). The second time, we did Birch and Barley, overlooking the kitchen, with beer pairings. Same - delicious and fun, not fussy, though the food was a bit less playful.

We had occasional last summer to do Inn at Little Washington, and though the food was flawless, it lacked that fun playfulness that we've come to enjoy. Conversely, Thai X-ing is pretty much our favorite place.

So, I've got a month to go before this year's co-birthday. I'm playing around with The Source, because he's never been and we love Asian food, but since we kind of have a tradition of tasting menus, I was also considering Rogue 24. I just don't want to pay Rogue 24 prices, other than the 4-course price fixe.

So, if anyone has other ideas about non-staid tasting menus or if they have experiences with the new Rogue 24 4-course meal, I'd appreciate it!

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  1. I haven't been to Rouge 24 but for a variety of reasons the whole place puts me off. I was going to recommend The Source. The food is unbelievable there and it is perfect for a special occasion (I did my 30th there last year). While the dinner is amazing, their dim sum brunch is perhaps a little more playful so you can consider that (we did the pre-fixe for that brunch and were full for the remainder of the day).

    I believe for dinner the Source has a tasting menu (or just ask them to do the President and First Lady's Tasting Menu, where you can have all the dishes the First Couple had when they dined there).

    1. Komi might fit the bill except for price. Little Serow might be an option, esp. if you like Thai X-ing? I've heard nice things about Eola but haven't tried it.

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        Someday I definitely dream of Komi, but definitely don't want to spend that much. We've done Little Serow - and loved it - so that's out. But Eola is an interesting extra option! Thanks!

      2. Of course, you can turn any restaurant into a tasting menu by simply ordering appetizers and sharing them!

        Clarendon options (or, welcome to the world of high quality and reduced prices):
        The Green Pig Bistro is very affordable and fun. Great attention to detail of what's on the plate.
        Lyon Hall has some mighty fine Alsatian food, but can get loud in the evening.
        Eat Bar is pretty high quality throughout with ever-changing chalkboard options.
        I think you'll be impressed. Can't go wrong with any of these.

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          obelisk is supposed to be great and that's a tasting menu. I also really like Zaytina. and if you're willing to go up to Fredrick, I love Volt.

          But I think Rasika might be the best fit for you--playful and with a tasting menu!

          1. re: braver

            Rasika's amazing, yes - but we've been many times. I may end up doing what Elyssa suggested and just ordering a few things at The Source, since he's never been and I've loved it every time. I think there's just too much pressure when it's BOTH of our birthdays!

        2. onto ya kate! that was your question on Sietsema's chat.

          so second guessing us? us? oh the dusk and gloom seem to gather earlier each night, faster than the Earth's normal spin and wobble would dictate...

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          1. re: hill food

            It was! I just can't decide. I'm seriously stressing about this (I come from a big birthday family and it was instilled in me). And Tom talked me into Rogue 24...and then I saw that they only do the four courses during the week. And with a party to go to after dinner, I don't think we want 16 courses.

            So don't worry, my reservations remain at The Source. And maybe I'll go wild and splurge on their pricey tasting menu. Or just get their awesome fries at the bar and call it a day....