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Oct 18, 2012 06:54 AM

Delicious soup became undelicious after freezing

I made this recipe ( this summer and it was absolutely fabulous. I decided I would make several batches of it and freeze them to enjoy over the winter.

I made three batches, yielding 24 cups. I made them exactly as I made the first batch (using a whole bulb of garlic instead of 3 cloves), except I did not add the cream. I decided it would freshen up the soup if I added that after thawing.

When I thawed out the first container and took some for lunch, I was very disappointed. The texture had suffered, which I had expected, but it had picked up a very unpleasant flavor that would seem to have come from the garlic. I wouldn't call it a heat, but... just this nasty bite that made eating it almost impossible for me.

Any ideas as to why this happened? I did a lot of research about freezing soups before putting so much time into making this, and I thought I was safe. No pasta or potatoes, saved the cream for later.... I've been trying to come up with additions to mask the taste, but haven't found anything I'm crazy about yet.

All I wanted was grilled cheese and tomato soup in the winter! :(

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  1. how strange. i make and freeze soup all the time, never made this particular recipe, but have never had a problem like the one you describe.

    one thing i do is to roast the primary (tomato, sweet potato, butternut squash), with a bulb of fennel, rough chopped onions and many more whole cloves of garlic than the recipe calls for at 450-degrees for 20-30 minutes, transfer to a soup kettle, add stock or water and simmer, then puree,

    1. I have made and frozen a similar recipe (without the cream) and have an idea of what happened. I think the garlic overwhelmed the soup. When I first started making tomato soup I also added a lot of extra garlic and the taste was similar to what you described. It helped when I added more tomatoes and tomato paste. A little lemon juice might help too.

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        Bummer! Garlic in the best. I guess when I make it to eat fresh, I'll add all of the extra garlic. If I'm making it to freeze, I'll follow the recipe.

        I'll try the tomato paste and/or lemon juice next time I thaw one out. Thank you!