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Oct 18, 2012 06:15 AM

Black Forest Cake

I would love to know where there is a bakery in the area ( maybe a German one?) that can make a authentic Black Forest Cake with the cherries and kirsh....I went to 2 different bakeries claiming they knew how to make it. Sadly both cakes were not that great. I guess I am used to the real deal when in Europe.
Thanks for the help!

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  1. Lulu's in Scarsdale has one on their menu. I haven't had it, but I've been dying to try it.

    1. This is the New York STATE board. Are you interested in a nice cake from a bakery outside of Buffalo? Maybe Albany? LI? Please be specific, especially in the title. Thanks

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        Westchester sorry Leslie. Funny how Maryld went straight to Scarsdale....Will have to check them out thanks!

      2. the Millridge Inn on Route 106/107 in Jericho, exit 41 on the LIE. The MIllridge Inn has a seperate bake shop in the back of the property, the best Black Forest Cake. Call before hand to confirm the shop is still open; i haven't been there in a few years.