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Oct 18, 2012 05:15 AM

Gott diet

We're trying this diet of no flour and no added sugar so this board is most helpful. Thanks in advance.! However we can eat rice and potatoes but no pasta, bread or flour of any type so the lo carb hints help but not always. And the sugar free tips are great- never knew about the ice cream selection we could still enjoy so that is also good news and making my husband happier than he was - I might add that this regimen was his idea, not mine. I like it though because it opens a new world of grains for me to cook- there has been resistance in this area. I have been cooking gluten free and vegan for our church group so have also enjoyed the GF pastas and learned to try dairy substitutes in my menu. Also having never been concerned about added sugar I am shocked at how common it is in manufactured food. I knew about salt but there is so much added sugar- no wonder we need to go on a diet! Looking forward to cooking with this group but still will lurk on Home Cooking Board.

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