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Domain name issues

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Nothing serious, but did you play with the domain at all?

Previously I would just go to chowhound.com and the site would load fine, starting today when i do that I just get a page with the words "It works!" which is itself untrue, for if it worked it would take me to chowhound!

Now the extremely technical work around is to type www in front, and www.chowhound.com loads fine. While I am lazy, it really is not a game breaker to have to type www first, I just have to break my habit of neglecting it.

Just found it curious is all.

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  1. Try chowhound.chow.com without the www

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    1. re: Servorg

      If fact, just chowhound.chow will work and you don't even need the dot com

    2. Thanks for alerting us on this one. It should be fixed now.

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      1. re: meshane

        It is, thank you. I don't know why those extra 4 keystrokes are such an issue for me but old habits die hard as they say.


        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          glad I am not the only one! and yes works for me now, thanks :D