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Oct 18, 2012 04:01 AM

Good burger/casual place before Detroit Film Theater

I'm looking for a good, chow-ish, casual place to have dinner before a movie at the Detroit Film Theater (at the Detroit Institute of Arts) on Saturday, October 20. The movie begins at 9:30. Our party consists of me, my husband, and 12-year-old daughter. My criteria are:

* Located in downtown or mid-town Detroit, or somewhere in the rough triangle of Woodward / Twelve Mile / Jefferson. (Ferndale, Madison Heights, Warren, would be great.)

* Not terribly expensive (i.e., good selection of entrees and sandwiches $10 or less)

* Reasonably good service, not terribly long waits. (We'll probably arrive around 6:00/6:15, and should leave around 8:30 or 9:00 depending on distance from DIA.)

* Serves variety of items in the burgers, sandwiches, pub grub categories. Husband and child's tastes run to traditional and simple; I'm more adventurous.

* Husband likes microbrew beers, I like hard cider, wine, and cocktails, daughter likes Shirley Temples.

Thanks so much.

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    1. We recently had a very good burger at Union Street on Woodward. It's about as close to the DIA as you can get and seems to fit your criteria.
      Here's a link to their draft beer list-

      1. microbrew + cider= motor city brewing

        However, the pizza is the main event, not burgers

        I say go to green dot stables, which is not too far. It is super tasty and nothing, even final absolution, is over 3 dollars. Super creative menu....

        Buccharest has the best shwarmas ever and is attached to the park bar...

        Union street

        1. Thanks, everyone. I believe I will go with Union Street. I've heard good things about it, but I've never been there, which is really strange because I went to Wayne State for my undergrad degree, I was dating my husband when he was working on his master's at WSU, and my husband is adjunct faculty there. I'm way overdue on this visit.

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            If somebody really wants to pork out, try the Dragon Eggs.