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Oct 18, 2012 02:16 AM

New Asheville eats, any recommendations?

I'm headed to Asheville on Friday for the umpteenth time (not complaining in the least bit) and this time I want to mix it up a little bit. I'd love to hear about anything that's opened in the past 6 months to a year and to really mix it up I'm most interested in restaurants on the cheap-to-moderate priced end.

So far, I've found:

White Duck Taco Shop
Storm Rhum Bar & Bistro
Mr. Frogs Soul and Creole Kitchen


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    1. Your list is good, enjoy! I prefer the fried chicken at Mr Frog's to the creole offerings. Add The Junction and Plant if you haven't been!

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      1. re: miss piggy

        The public looks interesting and reasonably price for what they do (I'm guess because of their off-downtown location?)

      2. haven't been to Mr. Frogs, but the other two are good choices. White duck for lunch and Storm for dinner. Have you been to the Junction?

        dawg, tell us more about the public. I'm seeing mixed and confusing reviews. Is it really good food, or just good for the price?

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        1. re: danna

          New chef, mostly new menu, good food, excellent cheese plate! Also very reasonable. We had 12 there a few weeks ago - everybody gave it a thumbs up.

          1. re: NANCY

            Public - killer meat and cheese plate (great value, tons of leftovers), good brunch, very cool kitschy interior, good service. My opinion - It's good, not great, but we are return customers for sure...

            1. re: miss piggy

              miss piggy - meat plate no longer on menu. Cheese plate is still on menu and excellent. Most sausages are off menu too. Menu on website looks current.

              1. re: NANCY

                ooh...duh....i didn't think to look for a website. My husband will be all over the "house smoked turkey". IF they let us order from the lunch menu on Saturday. It was hard to tell on the website. I FB'ed them.