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Oct 17, 2012 11:09 PM

Scarpetta portion size

We will be visiting Vegas, and try to focus on new places since our last visit 2 years ago. Interested in Scarpetta and curious about the portion size. When we dined at B&B, I enjoyed antipasto + pasta + fish secondi (without dessert) and it comes out just the right amount. How does Scarpetta compare? Not a dessert person so there is no need to save room. Some Italian restaurants have huge pasta dish and there is no way to even attempt, let alone enjoy main dish. We would like to sample as many dishes as we can, but do not want to be stuffed.

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  1. Based on our one visit, the classic antipasti-primi-secondi meal could end up being a lot of food at Scarpetta. We ordered some heavier items (duck ravioli, veal chops), but we found the pastas large enough to share and ended up pretty full after just two courses. I think you could make it work by ordering carefully and avoiding the more filling dishes on the menu (FWIW, the veal chops were pretty mediocre and are not recommended).

    1. I've only had the tasting menu, but even those portions are pretty big considering the number of courses involved. Also, they bring more food than what is listed on the tasting menu. We were stuffed.

      From the looks of the dishes on other tables, they looked pretty big.

      We're probably returning there soon. I think we'll order something like two apps, split a pasta, two mains, and split a dessert.

      1. I suggest Bartolotta as alternative for terrific pasta (appropriately portioned) and seafood, although fair warning about pricey entrees sold by the gram.

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          Been to Bartolotta and loved it, but want to try something new. Scarpetta was in the plan the last time we were in NYC but somehow it did not work out.

        2. you might want to split the antipasto; I think the pastas are terrific. Scarpetta is quite good and I'd give it a big thumbs up.

          1. Thanks for the feedback on the portion. We will keep it in mind and order carefully.