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Oct 17, 2012 10:13 PM

Mexican in El Paso near airport

We'll be in ElPaso for one nite at the end of October. Looking for good Mexican restaurant - New Mexican or Juarez style, or your favorite.

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  1. Some good places were recommended to me here:

    Of these, Rainbow Fountain is quite near the airport, and one of the branches of Burritos Crisóstomo isn't too far away. Valentine Kitchen is on the other side of town, but boy, was it good.

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    1. re: Jim M

      There aren't a lot of good Mexican places near the airport but like Jim M stated, Rainbow Fountain is a good option that is close to the airport. BTW, Valentine's Kitchen moved downtown.

    2. There is a location of the El Paso restaurant Carlos & Mickey's IN the terminal! It is very popular in ELP. Also, my favorite enchiladas are in the strangest location very near the airport: a place called Gerardo's at the LaQuinta on Montana St. Best cheese enchiladas I've ever had, New Mexican style. They may have changed the name recently, but it's still the same food.

      Where did you end up eating?