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Oct 17, 2012 08:41 PM

Wolf In Sheeps Clothing (not the pop up)

So up front I did not get to try the pop up WISC though I have read the reviews. After a whole lot of drama and finally three days off made it up to LA from San Diego.After having to cancel our reservation at Ink and not being being able to get it back we were left with either Son Of a Gun or WISC (I know poor us). After following the development of WISC on Eater LA I really liked the chef's pedigree.

Basically it breaks down to if you live in Venice WISC is a great addition to your dining options. Solid (and I mean solid) food. Great staff and great bar staff (hell they pulled off a request for a cable car that would gain the approval of the Starlight room in SF).

We had Corn Bread (Well it's Corn Bread but 9 of 10 on that scale), The shrimp app. which was the hit of the night (sorry I tried looking up the menu online for more detail but no luck) and the Pork Fritters (6 out of 10.)

Mains Quail and the Ribeye both outstanding.

Is this a destination restaurant...probably not ...if I lived closer would this be my go to...yes.

Again a great experience.

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  1. Popped in last night to try them out. The initial service problems seem to have ironed out. Other than being slow to bring our water out, everything was friendly and efficient. They must have some kind of team approach going, because we seemed to have a busboy and 2 different waitresses taking care of us, as well as the manager dropping by from time to time. We were in the booths in just past the bar. Starting around 9 pm things got busier and noisier. The patio was popular and I think it a little quieter out there.

    We had a special no gluten requirement with one of our guests and the whole team and kitchen seemed to be up to speed and attentive to the need. Avoiding wheat and glutten was tough in a Southern style cooking approach.

    The food was very good. The best dish was the truffled cream corn. Ribeye was excellent. Collard Greens were good. Kale Salad and gazpacho soup were OK, but nothing special. Some of the the other Southern influenced dishes sounded delicious, but we were avoiding wheat flour that night. They indicated that weekend brunch would be offered in a few weeks. Southern brunch on the patio sound like a winner to me.