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Oct 17, 2012 06:52 PM

Amish lunch in Lancaster county?

Will be traveling through Lancaster county for an afternoon wedding in Hershey (flying into Philly)? Any recommendations on a good Amish Lunch on the way?

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  1. Ehhhh.

    Good Amish lunch may be an oxymoron. Carb and fat overload.

    See the Dutch Wonderland thread that's active for a few better than the norm places.

    The Philly airport and Hershey aren't really connected by Amish country, most of these spots will be a detour.

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    1. re: sal_acid

      Sal, Agree with your comments, including detour requirements. I would be interested in knowing how you would travel from the Philly Airport to Hershey without going through Amish Country/Lancaster/Lebanon County?

      1. re: Bacchus101

        I'd take I-76 to the Hershey exit.

        Guess it depends on definitions if this goes thru Amish country , which I'd say is mainly a ways south of this route. Not saying you couldn't find a few piles of horse poop on the road near Hershey, but I wouldn't call it Amish country. I live in the southern tip of PA, far from what anybody would call Amish country, but we have a few farms of theirs about 15 minutes away.

        1. re: sal_acid

          Ha, ok got it. It depends on ones definition of Amish Country.

      2. re: sal_acid

        Detours are good. Not really familiar with PA geography so I'm up for any suggestions!

        1. re: rusticchasm

          Assuming you take Route 30 to Route 283 I would reccomend two Possibilities:

          1. Oregon Dairy (take Route222 Northeast to the Oregon Pike Route 272 exit. The entrance to Oregon Dairy is directly acroos from the stoplight where you intesect route 272.

          Order from the menu. They have a buffet but it is small and unremarkable.

          2 Country Table South of Mount Joy on route 230 (take the route 230/Mount Joy exit from 283). I have not been for over a year, but their Pennsylvania Dutch items were always good and their bakery excellant.

          Both of these are better Pa Dutch food than anything(including Dienners)in the Tourist area

          along Route 30 East of Lancaster.

          If you take the turnpike (which would be quicker) I have no Pa Dutch reccomendations.

          1. re: brookquarry

            These would be my suggestions as well, including the route. If ordering at Country Table, pay particular attention to the homemade "vegetables" and salad dressings, which are truly PA Dutch classics. On weeknights, they also have excellent PA Dutch specials, but for some reason go a different route on Friday and Saturday with things like Chicken Marsala (?). In that case, you need to stick to the daily mains - in particular, the ham loaf is from a local butcher and traditional. Otherwise, use common sense - a Delmonico steak at Country Table isn't anymore PA Dutch than it is anywhere else. ;)

            At Oregon Dairy, skip the buffet and order off the menu. They have the PA Dutch classics well advertised and most of them available daily. However, I think the quality is better at Country Table. Of course, the ice cream at Oregon Dairy could give them an edge.

            Enjoy your trip and let us know where you end up and what you thought!

      3. Ya picked a great time of year to do it.
        were I you, I'd pick up some lebanon bologna
        and some martin's potato bread from the market,
        and eat at one of our fine state parks.

        If a picnic in October/November isn't your cup of tea -- try someone else's suggestion.

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        1. re: Chowrin

          Good suggestion. I'd add cole slaw and switch the potato rolls to Kaisers.