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Oct 17, 2012 06:42 PM

Price of Champagne in Paris and Reims / Epernay


My wife and I will be travelling to France and staying in Paris and also Reims / Epernay.

Now I know grower champagnes are often better but I do want to try some of the prestige ones as well - I just want to have done it and it will be cheaper in France than at home in Australia.

I am wondering if there is a wine shop online and probably you need to speak/read French which sadly I can't to find out what the prices will be for:

Krug NV
Dom Perignon

Would be really grateful if you could point me in the right direction or use your French skills to let me know.

I would also be interested in Gosset Grand Reserve.


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  1. Taittenger in Rheims has a great tour and tasting. The tour is conducted in the language of the majority of the group, but they are conversant in English and should be able to give you a short version.

    This time of year, you might see selling out of the backs of trucks and vans along the road. Prices are great and a surprise in every bottle. Most good to fine, some bad.

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      We did a lot of tastings a year ago in September, had wonderful Grand Cru's from small producers and stayed at a B&B outside of Epernay that was also a producer. We never paid more than 22 E for a terrific bottle of sparkling. However, we did see lot's of places trying to make a big deal out of the tasting process for more money than I would want to pay. If any have still wines, try some, they are different than anything else I have found.

    2. Thanks for the feedback on tours etc.

      I am hoping to find out the retail prices of these prestige champagnes to purchase while in France.


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      1. l may disagree with you on pricing being better in France than in San Francisco, but Lavinia at Place Madelaine has old Krug and most if not all the prestige bottles you want.

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          In my experience, for prestige brand wine, the higher the price the lower the difference between what you will find in Europe (France) and what you will get locally.

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            You bring up an interesting point. Because of the efficiencies of the American distribution system and some French companies' making allowances for the weak dollar, many things are cheaper in the US and many are the same price.

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              Although as Dale is fromAustralia he will probably find Champagne is a lot cheaper in France as Australia has pretty high import tariffs.

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                Sadly you are oh so right! The tax is a huge 45% in Australia so prices are cheaper in France.


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                I have Googled but can't find a website. Do you happen to have a link for Place Madelaine?


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                  Lavinia is on Place de la Madeleine. I believe there is a restaurant and a wine store.

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                    Correct and champagne specials at holiday time in the front. But it's not on the Place, it's a bit down on the South side toward the opera.