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Oct 17, 2012 06:01 PM

Callaway Gardens, GA

Will be spending two nights at Callaway Gardens in early November. Any information about food in the area would be appreciated. Is there any sounth GA barbecue or any specialities to be aware of? Thanks.

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  1. Husband and I had a wonderful lunch at Bon-Vivant Café on Main in downtown Pine Mountain. I had a nice bowl of vegetable soup (tasted like it came out of my Mom’s kitchen) and husband had the Reuben special. It was an especially good Reuben, and I don’t even like Reuben sandwiches. Unfortunately he only gave me a tiny piece and my looking pathetic didn't get me another bite. The side was a broccoli salad which also had some cauliflower in it. Very good. Bill for two with ice tea was $15.95. Cute old-fashioned soda shop interior and food came promptly.

    Ate at Rose Cottage (downtown P.M) on second day. I did not think it was as good as Bon-Vivant but that may have been what we ordered. Soup wasn't as tasty and husband didn't like his sandwich as much. I do remember having a very nice Sunday brunch on another visit to Pine Mountain. It has been too long and I can’t remember what we ate though I seem to recall wolfing down a basket of very tasty breads/muffins. The place is very nicely decorated and the staff couldn't be nicer. The restaurant has a small bakery case with some nice looking bread for sale. I certainly haven’t take it off my list.

    Unfortunately it was too early in the season for any of the restaurants in the Garden to be open except for the Country Kitchen. There is a wonderful view and the gift shop is charming but the food is not. Here are the notes from my trip diary. “Food was overpriced and not very good. Had the vegetable plate--greasy green beans, field peas, and bad collards. Service was pretty awful. Took forever to get tea. The store is fun, but next time go into town and eat; it isn't any farther and the food would be way better.”

    Don’t know if you are going to do any traveling around the area but we enjoyed Mac’s in Warm Springs (incredible pork bbq) and The Bulloch House for home-style Southern cooking. A Taste of Lemon in LaGrange was another hit with us. The vegetable plate at A Taste of Lemon came with ten vegetables and cornbread and was a meal I still dream about.

    1. I live very close to Pine Mountain and there is really nothing there that I would give a strong recommendation to.

      We have been meaning to try the restaurant in the Lodge & Spa since Marriott took it over but we have not done so yet.

      As mentioned above there are some good places in LaGrange. C'sons, Venucci and Mar Sol are three that come to mind.