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Italian Olive Oil and English Tea in Paris

Does anyone have any leads on stores where I can get
- PG Tips, Typhoo, Taylor's and Barry's (yes, I know it's Irish and not British) tea in Paris?
- Frantoia olive oil from Italy? No Italian shops I'm finding seem to carry it.

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    1. re: Nancy S.

      And I assume M&S stocks their usual English products and their tea stacks up well against these UK brands.

    2. Found Frantoia today, finally, in a specialty Italian shop and it was more expensive than what I used to pay in New York!!

      1. Irish store, groceries, sweaters, and liquor on Bd Voltaire just west of Rue Charonne. Next time by will check and see if they have teas.

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        1. re: Delucacheesemonger

          You're absolutely right, I found it! It's called Comptoire Irlandaise. http://www.comptoir-irlandais.com/ind...
          And their site shows they have Barry's AND Bewley's.

          1. re: tinpanalley

            Just went in and they have those two plus a couple more but no Typhoo or Tips.

        2. there's a British shop in the 16th -- otherwise Carrefour and Auchan carry PG Tips, Yorkshire Tea and Typhoo (albeit not always at the same time)

          1. Take a look in the Indian stores around Passage Brady and Gare du Nord.

            1. Most of the British/ Irish expats I know seem to go to l'Epicerie Anglaise in a passageway just off the boulevard Magenta/ place Répubique.

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              1. re: Parnassien

                Did go there last week. Great products but reeeeeeally overpriced. It is actually a bit cheaper to order from online shops and have it delivered.

                1. re: tinpanalley

                  a box of 40 PG Tips pyramids is about 2,20 at Auchan.

                  1. re: sunshine842

                    Very goo to know. Once I start exploring outside Paris, I'll be sure to try them. I don't think there are any Auchan in Paris.

                    1. re: tinpanalley

                      there's a couple quite close in, so not difficult at all to get to -- one at Batignolles and one at La Defense, off the top of my head -- www.auchan.fr . There are a couple of posters who shop at Auchan, or there's a big one out by Disney, too.

              2. On the rue du Faubourg Saint Denis on the corner of the corner of the rue de la Fidelité is a Mauritian shop. They go to London every week and are by far the cheapest I've come across. They take orders, for me anyway, for things they don't have in stock.

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                1. re: vielleanglaise

                  Hmmm.. might be worth a visit. I'm surprised "Rich Tea" McVities are so hard to come across. Perhaps I shouldn't be.

                  1. re: tinpanalley

                    Rich Teas? They have them. If they're out, try the store next door, or wembley foods on the other side of the street towards the Porte Saint Denis.