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Oct 17, 2012 03:36 PM

Caring for our pets through food & do you keep a recipe file for your pets?

When Ruthie contributed to the apple cider thread with this comment:

I put a little bit in with my apples for pie. Also my dog gets a teaspoon a day, it helps with a condition she has of bladder stones. The vet recommended it after her surgery...

I wondered if how we feed our pets for health and happiness included collecting and cultivating recipes in the same way we keep recipes for our 'human' family members.

Do you have a recipe file for fido and kitty? Do you have special tips and treats you make for your pet? Are their special foods you give your pet when they don't feel well?


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    Each year we make doggie cookies for the holidays. This particular set of recipes is our Asa's favorite (Akita) treats. I do keep a recipe file for Asa..and have for all of Asa's "relatives" over the years.

    1. I make simple "salmon balls" for my pit bull mix. Got the recipe from the magazine my pet insurance company sends out; they called it Salmon Rollovers, and the magazine is from PetPlan insurance (which I'm very happy with BTW).

      1 7-ounce can of salmon (skin, bones, and liquid included)
      1/2 cup oat flour (you can sub w/dry oats blended in a food processor, or quinoa or amaranth blended in the food processor)
      1 tablespoon minced parsley

      Mix until well blended. Roll into 1/2-inch balls and place on a nonstick baking sheet. Bake 12-15 minutes in a 350 oven. Makes about 36 treats, 10 calories each.

      I also bake chicken for her sometimes and shred it, to carry on walks as a high-value reward for good behavior.

      She has a sensitive stomach as well as allergies and arthritis, so I try to give her treats and food in as pure a form as I can afford. About half her diet is raw food, but she does get some commercial kibble and treats too. I ain't no Rockefeller!

      1. Our little prima donna of a cat is obsessed with yogurt, so we give her a spoonful a day. If we are making fish, I will poach some for her. But no recipes for her.

        1. For training treats I mostly use Charlie Bear treats that I usually get from Trader Joes. They are small, clean handling, and reasonably priced. However I have been experimenting with meat treats - pork heart which I simmer till half way tender, dice and freeze so the pieces are loose. Heart is lean so it is fairly clean handling.

          1. I have a very small dog. Every month or two, I pull out the food processor and grind up mixtures of meats, seafoods, veggies, select grains, fish oils/vitamins, egg shells, etc. and whirrrrr them together (labeled) and roll and wrap the mixture into logs to store in the freezer.
            Each week, he gets a new log (like salmon and cous cous with fish oil.... or beef, broccoli and seaweed). He loves the variety and I am glad he gets good nutrition. Every once in a while a "log" doesn't go over too well. I try to get him to "taste test" first, before I roll them and freeze. Picky-ness usually has to do with a green vegetable......

            I mix the log "pate" sometimes with various dried nugget dog food. He has Addisons disease and he is almost as good as new with homemade dog food. It has been the difference between life and death.

            Also...really important: we used to pay 500 bucks to have him go under anesthesia at the vets to get his teeth thoroughly cleaned. Tartar buildup, terrible breath and small dogs are all a bad combo! No more! Since he has homemade food...the bad breath is GONE. So are all the digestive upsets. I had NO IDEA it would be *this* diet related. It is a miracle.