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Oct 17, 2012 03:10 PM

Grocery Outlet To Open On Geary@28th Avenue!?!

Word is a Grocery Outlet Store will take over the building that housed the Delano/CalaFoods supermarkets on Geary at 28th Avenue in San Francisco.

Looks like they have found a spot in Visitacion Valley as well.

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  1. I am excited since I live close and have hoped for a grocery store in that spot. So, what do I have to look forward to with the Grocery Outlet? If you were comparing stores what does it most resemble- a Safeway, a TJ's or Smart and Final or something else? Thanks for the news!

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      If Pack and Save is one step down from Safeway, Grocery Outlet is two or three steps down from Pack and Save. Some great bargains, lots of weird crap.

      1. re: foodseek

        foodseek -

        If you get a chance, you could visit the Grocery Outlet on Hickey Blvd. in South San Fran to scope out what a GO store sells. They now carry fresh fruit & veg, as well as meat, cheese, dairy, etc..

        A GO store is a bit of a treasure hunt, but I typically spend anywhere from $30 to $80 when I go shopping there once or twice a month.

        Here is what chowhounders are finding at GO this month:

        Here is what chowhounders were finding at GO last month:

          1. re: baron45

            Thank you for the information. Since visiting the South San Francisco store- I am excited about future good buys at the new store on Geary. The shopping is a bit of a treasure hunt but fun.

        1. re: foodseek

          It's a treasure hunt. Sometimes you find a nugget, sometimes you find fool's gold.

        2. also check out the article from Sunday's chronicle:

          It's sure to be one of the better ones. I for one am extremely excited, and have become a GO outlet fan over that last five years.

          1. The store says they're opening tomorrow.