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Oct 17, 2012 02:53 PM

Is Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray Soda available in Charlotte?

My Son's girlfriend raved about this, and said she would get it in Brooklyn, NY on visits. Apparently, it's readily available in Jewish delis there, but not common here. I know I can get it on Amazon, but wondering if anyplace in Charlotte has it. I'd like to pick it up for her next visit.

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  1. I'd call Katz Deli and see if they have it. Harris Teeter will also special order items.

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      Thanks, I did find out that Gleiberman’s Deli in Charlotte carries it. Looks like I'm set.

      1. re: carolinadawg

        They definitely have it at Katz's. I've seen it there.

      2. Katz NY Deli in the Arboretum Office Park carries it as well.
        As long as you are there have the best corned beef sandwich in Charlotte!

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        1. re: GodfatherofLunch

          Thanks GFL. Looks like I can get it closer to home. But this is a good reminder to stop in at Katz's. I've heard it has a great corned beef sandwhich. My son's girlfriend says that te Cel-ray soda is like gingerale, but with a celery flavor. Looks like I'm due for a corned beef & a Cel-ray at Katz's . Thanks for the input

        2. It's available at Common Market.

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          1. re: ickymettle

            Wow! Thanks Ickymettle. Commom Market is just afew blocks away. I had no idea!

            1. re: Jibe

              I just had one there yesterday.

              1. re: ickymettle

                Thanks. I was at Common Market last night & picked up a few. I'll be shipping them off to ashevile this week. So how do you llike the new "california" style back-in parking along Commonwealth Ave, in front of Common market?

          2. Definitely +1 for Katz. Now I know where I'm going for lunch.

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            1. re: southernitalian

              They also do a darn good Rueben Sandwich. Usually I cant decide which to go with , corned beef or the pastrami so I get a combo with both. Good Stuff!!!

              1. re: GodfatherofLunch

                So you had to throw another one ito the mix, eh? I'll have to bring a friend & share so I can try both. I really like a good Reuben.