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Oct 17, 2012 02:48 PM

Dinner Sunday near University of Saint Joseph (West Hartford)

I'm looking for a great dinner spot for a foodie date this Sunday around 7:15 - if possible near University of Saint Joseph. We can drive anywhere in town, and I'll search the board for Hartford recommendations too, but if there's something sweet, near by, and serving on Sunday night, that would be blissful. We really eat everything, and would happily spend up to $100, but we'd be equally happy in a great hole in the wall. Ethnic is great but not required. It is a date, so "bustling" is fine, but I'm shying away from anything really loud / crowded.

Thanks in advance to all of you with opinions. I appreciate it.

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  1. I would recommend going south on Main Street to the Blueback Square area (Main and Farmington Ave.) I think you'll have better selections than in the immediate St. Joe's locale. That said, Bricco, Max's Oyster, Flemings...not sure of Sunday availability, but have yet to find a good place that's NOT open on Sunday.

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      Thanks - I don't know the area at all, so your response is super helpful.

      1. Definitely put Firebox on your short list. Great (new American, if that's still a thing) food, good date spot, and last I knew, they had bluegrass on Sunday nights in the bar area. Just my opinion, but the West Hartford center dining scene is pretty played out, except maybe Bartaco. If they were open on Sundays, I'd send you to Pond House Cafe in Elizabeth Park in a heartbeat. Right up the road from St. Joe's, and awesome for dates. Consider heading there if you find yourself in the area on a non-Sunday.

        Brookerme.. I gotta mention, it drives me apeshit when you post those lists of links with no information on why they might be good. How about giving a little more info? :)

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          Thanks ratbuddy. Both Bartaco & Firebox make me hungry. Any place with a Cato Corners cheese plate is high on my list.

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            You think Bricco is played out? Gotta disagree with you there. Here's our dinner for four back in the spring:


            I have wanted to go to Firebox for too long...

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              It's possible I'm a bit jaded from having worked in the center for many years.

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                Thanks kattyeyes! I didn't realize you were in CT.

            2. We didn't make it due to illness, so I can't report back. I'm suspicious that we'll have another chance soon, however... Thanks to each of you for your suggestions.