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Oct 17, 2012 02:22 PM

Noma - An unforgettable meal

Just wanted to report back on my experience at Noma in Copenhagen. Photos and descriptions can be found here for anyone interested:

Absolutely loved it.

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  1. As good a report as l have ever seen on Chow.
    Damn, wish l could have been the fourth,
    but my flight would have had to been from the states.

    1. Wow, I absolutely loved this report. Beautifully photographed and the writing was playful yet so illustrative. Kudos. :) I wish I could've enjoyed that meal with you guys!!

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      1. re: kubasd

        Thanks DLC & kubasd! We were in search of that elusive 4th...glad it worked out, we were just so short on time to find someone. DLC, I do remember the timing was close but you were already gone. Shame!

      2. Yes, wonderful report. We were there last year and I remember a lot of these dishes.

        One thing you point out which I see rarely mentioned is the juice paring. When we were there, most other tables had a wine pairing. But I was recovering from an illness and couldn't drink. So they offered us the juice pairing instead. And really glad we did. It was well thought out and the juices were incredible. From my notes, I remember loving the Apple & Pinetree juice, the Seabuckthorn juice and the Pear & Verbena.
        I'd recommend even to those who can drink wine because it is such a unique experience.

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        1. re: r.vacapinta

          Oh absolutely! You can get wine anywhere, but the juices were something else. Even more unique flavors to enjoy. I would recommend them in place of wine as well.

        2. EXCELLENT review. Loved reading this.

          I was in Copenhagen last May but was unable to get reservations at Noma (surprise...) Instead, we had lunch at Geranium. it was our first time having such a fancy, orchestrated meal. i really wanted the juice pairing but lunch was already expensive enough! Awesome experience but having said that, Noma seems like it would have topped it for sure.

          Thanks for sharing.