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Oct 17, 2012 12:55 PM

Rehearsal Dinner - Center City

Need suggestions for a rehearsal dinner for about 30 - 40 people in Center City on a Thursday night in March next year. Would prefer a BYOB, but not required. Been calling around and some places want between $2500.00 - $5500.00 for the night because you have to buyout the restaurant for the night. We are looking for around 8pm. Any suggestions welcomed.

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  1. Try Estia on Locust Street across from the Academy of Music. I believe they have a private room. It's a Mediterreanean/Greek restaurant and the food is excellent. If you want to go to South Philadelphia, I would suggest Paradiso on East Passyunk Avenue; they have a private room upstairs and the Italian food is great. Unfortuantely neither of these two are BYOB.

    For BYOB try, Salento, Branzino or Hosteria d'Elio...... all in center city. In South Philadelphia you can try Tre Scalini, L'Angolo or Caffe Valentino..... they are all BYOB's. Good luck!

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      I second Estia. They have a smaller rooms downstairs that are lovely. Even the restrooms are nice there :)

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          Estia requires a minimum of 45 dollars a person for dinner. If your budget is not at least 2k, you will not want Estia. You can read more about their private dining on their website.

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            Thanks.. we just received their information. We are thinking about The Red Owl Tavern. We do not want to spend more than $100.00 per person. The Wedding is $160.00 a person. We wanted Matyson, but they want $5500.00 to buy the restaurant out for the night.