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Oct 17, 2012 12:25 PM

Skillet Baked Eggs

For a quick dinner, I like to take a cast iron skillet and sauté anything I have in the freezer or frig. Whether it be some sausage (Portuguese, Chorizo, Kielbasa, etc…), a few small diced Yukon’s, spinach, leeks, onion, whatever… then make two wells and crack two eggs inside each. Pop in a 350* oven til the whites are just set (don’t want yolks to overcook) then finish with shaved parm or manchego cheese and maybe a dash of hot sauce.

Anyone else to do this or have any interesting ingredients they use?

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  1. I make something called Scottish Farmhouse Breakfast that I ran across online. Small cast iron... maybe 6", I don't know the number. Spray it if you're not well seasoned, then tear up bread to cover the bottom of the pan. Pour in enough half/half or milk to come 1/2 way up the bread. Break 2 eggs carefully into the bread, or not, if a yolk breaks it's no biggee. I try to space them out evenly, but I don't do anything to put them in place. S&P Top it with a handful of cheese of choice, something melty works really well. My oven's a dinosaur, I think I go 375 and I set a timer for 12 mins. If I think about it I'll pop the broiler on for the last couple of minutes. It gets kind of bread-pudding-ish. If it's baked right it gets a nice browned crust on the sides and bottom and pops right out of the pan, but I usually eat it right out of the cast iron.

    I think the original recipe calls for torn up basil or something green. Never used it.

    I've added cooked sausage, 1/2 cherry tomatoes, I did throw a handful of spinach in once. Anything works. I usually do it for dinner actually. Once I flipped it out of the skillet and smothered it with a green chile, tomatillo, pork stew thing I had left over and it was outstanding. It was great w/ a quick milk gravy one morning with the kids.

    1. Oh you both have me smiling! I bake eggs in fresh tomato sauce. They poach up beautifully and with some nice toasty Ciabatta bread makes an excellent savory breakfast/lunch/snack.

      Heat your pan. Pour in your sauce, lower the temp. With a spoon make a well in the sauce to hold the cracked egg. Crack your eggs and cook low and slow until firm to your liking. Garnish with some fresh basil or parsley leaves and enjoy!

      1. pancetta or canadian bacon cut up with onion, sweet peppers, garlic sauteed add some canned tomatoes, a little basil and oregano and bake (poach) the eggs in the piperade right in the skillet on the stovetop.

        I have also cooked eggs in leftover polenta and bolognese. Create a well in the polenta topped with the bolognese and drop the eggs in. DW thinks it is gross but the contrast of the flavors is heavenly

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          The baked egg and polenta sounds wonderful!

        2. I love doing dishes like this. I love this dish from Suppers with Deborah Madison:
          In fact, it's been years since I made it. Thanks for the reminder. I think I'll have it this weekend.

          I'm also a big fan of shakshuka. Lots of varieties out there. Here's a recipe we've used. I'm looking forward to trying a recipe from my newest cookbook acquisition (Jerusalem):

          And of course, good old eggs baked over potatoes. And now that I'm eating meat again, maybe eggs baked over hash will come soon.