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Is a broiling pan necessary?

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So many recipes in this book of mine call for a broiling pan and yet I cant find one in any stores.

Is there a difference between a broiling pan and a cooling rack with a cookie sheet underneath?

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  1. "Is there a difference between a broiling pan and a cooling rack with a cookie sheet underneath?"

    To me, no. That's exactly what I use with great results.

    1. Is this what you are looking for?


      That aside... using a cooling rack on a cookie sheet is totally fine!!

      1. Broiling pans are generally a lot thicker than a typical home cookie sheet. The thicker pan is less likely to warp under the higher heat of the broiler. Other than that, an improvised rack should work just as well.

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          We just use the cooling rack/cookie sheet method at our house, but growing up we had a broiling pan. I HATED it with a passion: whenever it got used, I was the one stuck cleaning all of the meat crap out of those grooves. The improvised version makes for easier cleanup, IMO.

        2. I have used this pan for a year now.Slightly overpriced, but well-made.

          1. Many gas stoves come with a broiling pan, in the broiler. (Where else?)

            1. http://tinyurl.com/95j8e8m Porcelain Broiler Pan, 2-Piece by Range Kleen on Amazon

              These are available. I have seen one at a BB&B store, presumably one kubasd found for you. I use a broiler pan fairly often.

              You can rig something up with a rack over a pan, but a good enamel broiler pan is a bit easier to keep clean.

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                I agree, and much easier than cleaning greasy cookie racks!