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Oct 17, 2012 11:25 AM

Staying in Chicago on Thanksgiving. Where to find restaurants or deli open?

My husband and I are empty nesters. Our children and grandchildren live miles away. This year we have booked a river view room at the Marriott

Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel‎
1 West Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60601

I'm trying to find restaurants or a deli or even a pizza place that is open on Thanksgiving day near to this location, to Michigan up to Rush. Help please.

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  1. LOTS of places are open on Thanksgiving. You can generally find lists of places that are open closer to the holiday. Here are a few from 2011 to help get you started, but finding restaurants for Thanksgiving is rarely a problem here.

    1. The first place to look is the restaurants in the major hotels. They are almost always open and usually pretty decent for TG dinner.

      1. One year my whole family rebelled and we had Thanksgiving dinner at Lawrys. It was fun, they had both the carved prime rib and turkey. And the moms in the group loved it since there were no dishes to be done.

        1. See this topic from two days ago:

          Thanksgiving in Chicago -

          1. Chicago, for a region with >2.5 million Jewish residents, is sadly devoid of a significant or impressive deli scene, so that isn't a certain-to-be-open Christmas option, nevermind Thanksgiving. We do have a lively Chinatown, so there are probably good options open there if you do not want a traditional turkey dinner. If you want Americana, the hotel restaurants, as mentioned, will be very good choices, and stay tuned to local publications for announcements of other openings.

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              >> Chicago, for a region with >2.5 million Jewish residents, is sadly devoid of a significant or impressive deli scene

              Move that decimal point over; the estimate is around 265,000 per

              And we have some Jewish delis - not a lot, but some good ones, including Steve's, Manny's, and Kaufman's (re-opening Oct 29!). But you're right, Jewish delis are not likely to be open on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas.

              1. re: nsxtasy

                Yep, I missed the decimal point, nsxtasy. Chicago is still amongst the largest Jewish populations in the country, and none of our delis would be subjectively considered within even the top 10 nationally. I really wasn't intending to start another debate, just pointing out that many people consider Chicago surprisingly lacking in high quality delis. I am someone who would rather have any knish or matzoh ball soup or pickle tray (one of the reasons I like The Bagel even though many Hounds don't) rather than none, but thought the OP should have the full perspective of our strengths and not-so-strengths.

                1. re: GourmetWednesday

                  And the delis listed are Jewish-style but not true Kosher delis (but to be fair, of the better-known delis in New York only 2nd Ave. is close to Kosher, Katz's and Carnegie are not).