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Oct 17, 2012 10:42 AM

Skillet Food Truck

Hi guys - Flying out from MA to visit some friends and will be in Seattle for the first time tomorrow. We would love to check out the Skillet Food Truck and was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if their locations (that are posted on their website) are close to Pike's Place, which is where we will mainly be situated?

I'll re-read some threads where people have posted 'must see' restaurants and foodie related places but feel free to add a place you think we should see if you have some free time to help! Thanks so much in advance.

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  1. The McGraw Square and Fox's Gem shop locations are both within walking distance to The Pike Place Market.

    1. The other option is to go to the actual diner up on Capitol Hill (which is a long walk or a short bus ride from Pike Place). Bigger menu, and a nice space (tho' it gets pretty crowded/crazy sometimes). Their breakfasts are good. Or if you're there later in the day, you can get drinks. Still, truck's good too. I know Skillet has its critics but I've always enjoyed their food (even when they overcook my burger, which they often do).

      My "must eat" Seattle restaurants are Paseo (the #2 -- SO GOOD) and Walrus & Carpenter (if you have money and time to throw around) but unfortunately neither is anywhere near PP. Both are worth a trek, tho'.

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        As one of the "critics" of Skillet, this is what I'm talking about.
        How are you going to say they often overcook your burger, and still dig on the place?
        What other place do you give that kind of leeway too?

        If it didn't have the hype and universal adoration from "foodies", I'd like it a lot more.

        1. re: GreenYoshi

          Actually there have been quite a few places to which I've given that leeway. Some places overcook a burger and it's not worth eating, nor worth returning for/giving the place another chance. At Skillet even when it's more done than I like it's still a good burger. For example I have given the same leeway to Local 360 -- went there even after having an overcooked (but still delicious) burger once or twice and TERRIBLE service on many visits. Is an overcooked burger ideal? Of course not. But it's not necessarily a deal breaker for me.

          I couldn't care less about the hype and adoration of "foodies." That's not why I ate at Skillet (past making me think it was somewhere to try in the first place). I ate there (and I say "ate" because I moved out of state last month) because the food is tasty and I've enjoyed my experiences there. Is it the best food ever? No. Is it somewhere I automatically recommend to people when they ask an open-ended "where should I eat in Seattle?"? No. But if someone's looking for good breakfast or solid comfort food offerings in or near Capitol Hill, sure. And when I lived in the neighborhood, I enjoyed having it around.

          If you don't like it, I understand. It's not everyone's thing. Tho' I don't understand why you blame & dislike the restaurant for the acclaim they're getting. That's like the people on Yelp who give a bar one star because "all the annoying hipsters hang out there." But hey, to each his/her own. The original poster asked about Skillet, I answered with info and my opinion about Skillet and you did too. Hooray Chowhound!

      2. If you're flying from one end of the continent to the other....I know I'll likely catch some hell for this, but don't waste a meal at Skillet. Yes, they make a pretty decent burger, but it's nothing mind blowing. It's also about twice as much as it should be in terms of cost.

        You can usually find the truck on Fridays at the intersection of 5th and Westlake if you're just hell-bent on buying into the Food Network's overhyping of the place. Personally, I'd rather go get a sandwich from Salumi or Paseo or Royal Grinders or any one of a dozen other places first.

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          I agree on Salumi -- so much more worth your time than skillet. The porchetta sandwich there is to die for.