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Oct 17, 2012 09:31 AM

Lumiere- still worthy?

I'm going soon with another couple - their choice (but not written in stone.) I haven't been in a few years and wonder if my fond memories of tasty, summery scallops and outstanding beef tartare will be reaffirmed.

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  1. Absolutely. We just ate there this past Monday night - the place was 80-90% full! Fantastic terrine and roasted butternut squash soup. The dessert special - apple crisp - was to die for. I find Lumiere makes consistently great food - every dish, every time.

    1. They need to dim the lights a bit. It's too darn bright in there, and I find the overall atmosphere lacking.

      The food was good on a recent visit, but nothing we'd rush back for. Scallops were delicious as you remember. The tuna tartar was a bit under seasoned. Veal chop was a letdown.

      I do like the fact that they let you order items from the prix fixe al la carte, and are flexible about turning apps into entrees if desired.

      It's a convenient meetup with friends who live in that direction, but really doesn't deliver value for the prices charged.

      1. Couldn't get a last-minute reservation at Lumière for a recent weekend night before seeing the completely astonishing and moving "Beasts of the Southern Wild" at the terrific West Newton Cinema -- so nice to watch an amazing film without people yakking amongst themselves or on their phones for a solid 90 minutes. So we did Thai North: awesome as usual, all Northern dishes off the specials blackboard, the best reason to visit there. But we would have welcomed a beer or glass of wine, and didn't dare bring our own. So we settled for a pop at The Local before the movie (solid version of American rye Manhattans) instead.

        My last memory of Lumière is having my best Restaurant Week experience of the last few years: a bargain that felt true to the full-price experience but not dumbed down or cheaped out at all. I need an excuse to get back to Area Four for dinner, too.

        1. I tend to agree with the comment that the overall atmosphere is a little bit lacking. Specifically the tables farthest to the left as you feels really bare on that side of the dining room, and just doesn't have a very warm ambiance.

          But I love the food. They almost always have a fish dish that is great, often bluefish or striper when they are in season. They always do a great soup, as y2k mentions the butternut squash soup. in the summer its usually a corn/lobster chowder type of thing and always delish. And when they don't have a dessert special that appeals, the molten chocolate cake is yummy.

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            I appreciate all of the feedback - MC Slim, that Northern Thai sounds like it has to go on my "To Do" list. We're sticking with the Lumiere plan, and I'll circle back after the experience to offer my updated take on the place.

            1. re: The Lady

              Be aware that Thai North is tiny, a modest hole-in-the-wall kind of place, not fine dining. Stick to the specials blackboard!