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Oct 17, 2012 09:16 AM

Best of Palm Beach on a Budget


My senior parents are going to be visiting the Palm Beach area this coming week. They are considering relocating to this area permanently. For now, they will be visiting for a week or two just to scope out the area.

I am looking for moderately priced but delicious "eats". My parents eat everything with the exception of raw meat/fish, organ meats, and lamb. I am trying to compile a list of great places so that they do not waste their time at substandard food establishments.

All suggestions are welcome and are surely appreciated! Thanks in advance for your recommendations!

Valentine :)

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  1. What part of Palm Beach? West Palm Beach? Palm Beach Gardens? What do you consider as moderate? Under $15 or $20 per entree? Need more info please.

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      I am looking for anything spectacular within the Palm Beach area. They are going to be staying at their friends' extra house which is in the same gated community as Rush Limbaugh, They do not have to be on a budget, but they cannot sit and dine for too long of a time due to orthopedic issues. They would be open to any level of cuisine, but I would like to give them a list that the locals would be consider to be "do not miss" type places... I hope that helps!!!

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        Well that would pretty much limit it to West Palm Beach or the island then. I really can't rec anything in WPB. Grimaldi's pizza at the northeast end of Clematis would be an option to get right in. There several restos on Clematis but I don't visit them. Maybe someone can help you out closer to WPB.

        Do not miss in Palm Beach Gardens (15 miles north):

        Coolinary Cafe - it's a small chef owned resto with a creative daily menu. There will be a wait to eat here on weekend nights guaranteed. Read this thread and see if it might suit them

        Leftover's Cafe is my favorite seafood resto but entrees are $22 to $26. Weekend night waits for sure. Thread

        Reef Grill or Cool'ah Fish Bar would be two more options in PBG but they do not have websites. Ke'e Grill seafood is a nice step up, as is Riverhouse on the Intracoastal at PGA Blvd.

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          Thank you so much for the information, freakerdude! It is amazing to me that the Palm Beach area does not seem to be the subject of many threads on Chowhound. Why is that?

          Oh, I was also thinking that I could use some recommendations for diners, coffee shops, sandwich shops/delis, and other places that are Chowhound worthy. Also, are there any great places for take-out in this area?

          Thanks again!!!

          1. re: Valentine529

            havana cuban at forest hill and dixie
            mr gyros pga and military
            uncle joes chinese early bird $8 and you will take home leftovers
            tijuana flats us1 and pga