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Oct 17, 2012 08:33 AM

Ray "Red" Gills Razorback Barbecue Sauce?

Does anyone know if River City Spice, home of Razorback cookers, in Blytheville, Arkansas is still in business?

We are out of Razorback sauce and suffering from a severely low blood barbecue level. I know their website is still up but they haven't answered their telephone or responded to emails in months.

I have searched and can't find a place to buy their sauce anywhere.

Margie in Virginia

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  1. You should post this on the Central South forum.

      1. Ray is no longer with us. His son has taken over the family business. I have tried for weeks to get in touch with him. I even have his personal cell phone # Called the family restaurant but they said he has not made any sauce and they were not sure when if ever he would make any for retail sales. I guess selling sauce to retail customers is no longer a business. From what I heard from a grocery store in Blythesville. The location has been sold and is now a Motorcycle place. Sorry for your bad news.

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          I have spoken to Ray jr. He can't run a business. I tried ordering sauce from him it was sent......problems with shipping....warehouse messed up....bottom line is the guy will not call back your order will never be sent. If you liked the way it was, that was great. The way the company is run now FORGET IT. They are a joke I have been ordering for over 15 years and will never call them again. Looser.

          1. re: MrWings

            Called restaurant/ catering company. Personal cell phone,business phone even facebooked the company. The dude is not into selling sauce I even offered 2 x the price but no answer back. How the Hell can you run a business without customers. River City Spice is a Joke just like Ray Alan Gill.

          2. Tried ordering a few cases of sauce from Ray Jr still has the name and address on file. From when the parents ran the company. Said sending the order out day. It has only been Six Months and still waiting. WTF. Called the Company phone listing. No longer in service. Called the catering number. No
            Longer in service. The only number that works is his personal Cell number but he "Can't find my phone". What a great business person he is. Shot down a great business in less than one year. Way to go.

            1. We went to the address last fall and it was empty building. Loved that stuff.