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Oct 17, 2012 07:42 AM

Park Slope Cocktails near Convivium?

Hey Everybody - the lady and I are heading to Brooklyn Flea on Saturday and made a reservation at Convivium Osteria afterwards. We'll likely have an hour or so to kill, so I am looking for a good spot to have a cocktail near the restaurant. Obviously we have a 20 minute walk from Ft. Greene to Park Slope, but figure there must be some good neighborhood bars there. Any suggestions anyone?

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  1. I suppose it matters whether or not you want "cocktails" or a couple of drinks. Blueprint is a cocktail bar, and they do a pretty good job. They also have some decent wines by the glass. They're a few blocks south of Convivium on 5th avenue, between Sackett and Union, I think.

    Flatbush Farm may also be a viable alternative, as well as a brand new spot called Woodlands (or something). They're both in the neighborhood of 6th ave and Flatbush-- which is more likely directly on your way from FtG. I've only ever had beer at Farm, and I've never been to Woodlands, but I intend to.

    If it's craft beers you're after, you could try Uncle Barry's, Die Koelner Bierhalle, 4th Ave Pub, Pacific Standard, or actually still in Fort Greene, Die Schwarze Koelner (apparently no relation to DKBh).

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      I was going to say Blueprint or, even closer, Wolf & Deer.