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Oct 17, 2012 07:36 AM

bringng back booze into to BC

I'm a bit confused, in Seattle now and am wondering if i can bring back 1.5 litres of wine ( the limit) and beer as well as long as its well under the limit for the beer

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  1. Oh and i bought 2 sticks of the Kerry Gold (totalling 1 pound), whats the limit there, i know the i fo is out there but its just way easier to find out this way, on my way out the door, going to Bainbridge and in a hurry

    1. From the Cdn Border Services Agency website:

      If you have been outside Canada for at least 48 hours and are of legal age, you can bring in these amounts of alcohol and tobacco products free of duty and tax as part of your personal exemption:

      Alcoholic beverages:

      •1.14 L (40 oz.) of liquor; or
      •1.5 L of wine; or
      •24 X 355 ml (12 oz.) containers of beer.

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      1. re: jamesalexandra

        You cannot bring in your limit for wine AND beer. You must bring wine OR beer. Ridiculous, I know, but I've been caught up at the border before and learned the hard way.

        1. re: anewton

          It's really dumb alright. Here is the document from the CBSA outlining your personal exceptions.

          1. re: fmed

            Ended up bringing back maximum limit of beer ( Sierra Nevada beers on sale at IGA !!!) And the Kerry gold butter as well also other odds and ends,declared it all and no worries

            1. re: vandan

              btw if staying downtown and looking to pick up some booze there is a new Target with a good selection of beer and wine as well as grocery items , its on the corner of Pike and 2nd, so very handy indeed