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Oct 17, 2012 07:20 AM

Need help, organizing a corporate dinner 35+

Hi there, I m organizing a corporate dinner for around 35 - 40 people and am looking for a fun restaurant with private or semi - private dining. Must be downtown! Any help or ideas on great places would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. You really need to give more info... first and foremost, what's your budget? Would that budget include wine/drinks, or would people be on their own for that? How adventurous can the food be? Any particular cuisine(s) preferred? Do you want fancy "white tablecloth" places, or something more boisterous? Something trendy?

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      Hi! thanks for your reply.. Budget is around $100 - $110 a head including food + drinks. Definitely doesn't have to be fancy or white table cloth. Something boisterous and or trendy would work. Cuisine could be anything but maybe not something too seafood based. THanks!!

    2. Try Colicchio and Sons.

      1. I did this at Craft once and everyone loved it.

        1. PUBLIC will section off a section of their main dining room for a group that large. They'll do a three-course prix fixe at $60/pp, with three choices for each course (usually one vegetarian, one fish, and one meat) for the diners to choose from. That leaves an okay budget on top for wine, etc - the somm would gladly help by pre-selecting some specific bottles for the table. People could be on their own for cocktails after dinner, if they wanted.

          There are a couple private dining rooms at Blue Smoke - check with both locations. A little less fancy in terms of food, but generally a crowd-pleasing, fun & bustling joint.

          Rayuela does refined Pan-Latin fare pretty well, it's a very sceney space with a couple of really nice private rooms. They do a prix fixe for groups with around five options per course - not sure on the price, but based on their a la carte prices it would probably be around the same as Public, give or take. I think they offer two different menus at different price points, as well.

          Their sister restaurant Macondo also has a number of options, though the food is less app/entree/dessert focused and more tapas style, where they'd have a number of different things out for people to pick and choose from as they liked. Their menu is pretty customizable, though, and they'd work with you to put together what you need. Their prices are pretty reasonable, as well (i.e. the do a Tapas for 15 people that comes out to only $28/pp - I imagine scaled up ti wouldn't be too much more. Leaves LOTS of room for boozin' it up on their excellent cocktails...)

          Colicchio and Sons is very good, as Grumpy suggested, but once you include tax & tip on the prix fixe they'd blow your budget before you spent a dime on drinks. Craft would be the same, if not even more expensive. CraftBAR, on the other hand, has a couple of decent private areas, and the prices would be well within your reach, leaving a good amount of room for drinks.

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            You're right. I checked our contract. It was $135 per person plus bev/tax/tip.

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              Thanks sgordon! I think Rayuela might be the go!

            2. Tribeca Grill has private rooms. Cinque has a private room but I think it's too small for 40 people. City Winery does dinners like that.