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Oct 17, 2012 06:26 AM

Eli's Deli, Washington DC

I have relied on this place for years. It has been reliable for years. It's there when and where you need it. With reliable and often rather good food.

I was there last night in a group of 5. Very disappointing . A Deli sandwich (the New Yorker) with a miniscule portion of meat. An over-cooked burger drenched in a massive mountain of coleslaw served on a stale bun. A chicken fajita in which the chicken had been overcooked to the dry texture of wood chips. The rice was very good and we enjoyed an order of potato pancakes as a shared appetizer.

But last night they couldn't make a sandwich, grill a burger or grill chicken. These are the kinds of dishes that Eli's has always put on the table reliably. It used to be reliable enough to meet colleagues there, not fancy, but acceptable with reliable food. Last evening I was embarrassed.

Has there been a change of management, or something? Or did they just have an off night? Anybody else been lately?

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  1. Sorry to hear that. We were there in late April and everything was fine. Try Distrikt.

    1. I think our experience this summer was pretty bad as well. We were also surprised.

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        Same for me last March. Why is it DC (the metro) won't open a proper, good kosher restaurant?

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          My husband went to Distrikt with non-Jewish colleagues and it was fine. I had a meal they catered and it was wonderful, especially given that it was served to me at a trefe banquet.