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Oct 17, 2012 05:44 AM

Quickest, most delicious dish to prepare with a rotisserie chicken?

OK, so I sketched out a meal plan this week (using my new obsession pepperplate: and my whole plan went off the rails when my grocery delivery service delivered two of my key proteins for the week rock-solid-frozen instead of fresh. I've had to swap in my quick pantry meals (and order pizza one night) to take place of the meals I had planned on cooking on Sunday and use as lunches and leftovers later this week. I won't have time to do any real cooking until tomorrow night.

Tonight is my biggest crunch night of the week. I basically have a half hour to get my toddler fed and out the door for a class we take every Weds evening. That's a half hour to prepare dinner AND feed it to him. And clean him up.

So, I thought I'd swing by the grocery store on my way home and pick up a rotisserie chicken. Of course, I could just hack it up and we could eat it as roast chicken, but that's kind of boring. What else can I do with a rotisserie chicken that is delicious and really, really fast? I mean FAST.

(P.S. I will probably just feed my toddler shredded chicken. So this dish, whatever it is, will likely just be for my husband and me. Or mostly just me, since I'm the only one in the household who finds a hunk of meat boring.)


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  1. I frequently buy rotisserie chickens and immediately salvage the meat while it is warm, and it provides a variety of options, ranging from versions of chicken salad. My protestant version has grape quarters and pecans and tarragon, my Mediteranean has chopped hard boiled eggs and mashed anchovies and cilantro, my Italian has olives, capers, and sun dried tomatos, and I do a curry version. All these summery chicken salads are great on avocado halves or starburst tomatos.

    Of course, you can do quick chicken fajitas, or club sandwiches. I love those rotisserie chickens.

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      Another variant: use the chicken instead of ground meat in larb.

      1. re: Veggo

        Oh! I love the idea of a quick chicken salad served in an avocado half!


        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          Chicken and avocado is a marriage from heaven. The trickiest part is having the correctly ripened avocado when you most need it.

      2. I usually do one of two things
        1) egg fried rice with chicken and any old veg
        2) noodle soup, with the same chicken and any veg

        Here's an quick guide on how to make fried rice, in case you don't know already! It's very similar to how I make it because I don't have a wok burner. And I use freshly cooked rice just to save time. This will obviously only work if you have a rice cooker.

        The soup noodle is easier if you don't have a rice cooker (or really pressed for time and have no way to get the rice cooker to start before you get home). I remember you have mighty spice isn't it? I make the Szechuan Chicken and Cucumber Salad often with left overs, and just double the dressing and serve over noodles

        And also this one in Bill Granger's Everyday Asian, also served over noodles

        You don't have to use the veg says on the recipe, just use the recipe for the dressing or soup base.

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        1. re: lilham

          OOh! I do have some leftover rice I was planning on using for something else, but I would be okay making more for that other dish later and using the rice tonight!


          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            If you have leftover rice already, go for Thai fried rice, yum! Theres a good easy recipe in seductions of rice, and I think Tamar Adler has one too.

            By the way - the tofu with tomatoes and coriander from seductions of rice is really good and takes all of 10 minutes- might be a good one for you. I have done it with canned diced tomatoes which worked fine and is a real timesaver.

            1. re: Westminstress

              If you have Thai curry paste already, a cheats Thai fried rice is to add the curry paste when frying your onions.

            2. re: The Dairy Queen

              Here's another thought (not chicken related) - rice with steamed veg, tofu and peanut sauce. Make the peanut sauce and prep the veggies the night before (or use preprepped). When you get home, start the rice, then all you need to do in your 15 minute window is steam veggies, warm the sauce, and pan fry the tofu.

          2. some things I do..

            chicken quesdillas

            chicken taco

            chicketti casserole

            chicken dumplins

            chicken and rice

            chciken and noodles

            barbque shedded chicken

            1. Doesn't it lose the point to save time if you have to take the chicken and make it into something else?

              Call me boring but in a pinch a side of Bob Evans mash (can't stand private label), some quick creamed spinach or sauteed kale, and quick pan chicken gravy and dinner! Yum!

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              1. re: Crockett67

                Well, the idea is to prepare something quick that won't bore me to death. A plain old piece of chicken is boring.

                Also, maybe to extend the chicken a little so we can have enough leftover for lunch tomorrow. As you know, those rotisserie chickens are small.


                1. re: Crockett67

                  I had to look up "Bob Evans mash" (I thought maybe that was a recipe by a person named Bob Evans...)--we don't have Bob Evans in MN!


                  1. re: The Dairy Queen

                    Bob Evans has reheatable foods in the refrigerated section at the grocery. Their side dishes taste homemade. I make very good mashed potatoes, but some nights I'm just too hungry and too tired to want another pot to clean and more to chop.

                    1. re: meatn3

                      Huh. I've never heard of or noticed this brand before. I checked two local grocery stores online and one doesn't carry their products as far as I can tell and the other carries their mac and cheese. I'll keep an eye out, though, because those online inventories aren't always right.


                  2. re: Crockett67

                    +1 for Crockett, jmho.
                    Simple is best and if there are leftovers, then I get creative. We love creamed spinach and a salad with bitter greens 'round here. Nice glass of a light red wine can't hurt either.

                  3. My initial ideas have already been mentioned, but I'll second (third?) them: fried rice or quesadillas.