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Oct 17, 2012 05:31 AM

Dinner after AGO Friday night

Frank is booked up, unfortunately. Any good ideas for pleasant (NOT noisy) dinner walking distance from AGO?

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  1. Maybe Elle M'a Dit on Baldwin for Alsatian food? There's a fair bit of love on the board for them.

    1. Nota Bene might be another option to consider. When I have requested a quieter table in my reservation, they usually seat me in the easternmost section, which is quieter than the main room.

      Japango, Ematei and Lai Wah Heen are also within walking distance.

      1. Midi Bistro on McCall is nice, cozy and quiet.

        1. 10 minute walk south on John St. for great Italian: Can get noisy if very busy.

          1. Just to let you all know, we ended up at Campagnolo, which is on of my favourites. Gets noisy when full, but we were in the early (6:30) seating, so the noise level was just ramping up as we left. Highly recommend Campagnolo.

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            1. re: busy

              Did you walk to Campagnolo from the AGO?

              1. re: prima

                That's what I was wondering also!

                1. re: T Long

                  Um, it's only about 1.5k. Hardly a marathon! Not even worth the streetcar fare lol

                  1. re: gttahaveit

                    Not a marathon, but I think the average perception of "walking distance" in this instance would be somewhat less. After all, that distance from the AGO would be Bloor to the north, Jarvis to the east, and Queens Quay to the south....that would include most of downtown Toronto. How many of us would have thought that kind of geography was what the OP intended to communicate? Kudos to those that did though!

                2. re: prima

                  Because of tight timing, took TTC, but would have been walkable if we'd have had a later reservation.