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New Mexican chiles?

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Anyone know of any shops selling fresh New Mexican chiles in the southern-southwestern area of NH?

eta: any place other than Whole Foods, that is (I just saw I asked this same question last year, lol!)

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  1. They may be done & gone - there was a flurry of reports of WF sightings back at the very end of August.

    1. I would think the season is over for fresh chiles from NM. Once picked, they don't last all that long.

      Anaheim peppers are very similar if you are looking for a year round substitute.

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        OK, you were referring to Hatch chiles. I clicked and thought it was New Mexican chiles (the dried ones). If anyone is interested you can buy these around the area in large, resealable packages by the brand Badia. I just got some: http://www.badiaspices.com/chilis/new...

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          Yes, but if you read the original post, teapot100 is specifically asking about fresh chiles, and their post last year specifies green chiles - definitely not the same thing.

      2. I just found chilemonster.com. They sell fresh and frozen green or red chiles, andsome other products. Click on the link at top of their Facebook page to scroll down.