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Oct 16, 2012 09:13 PM

RN 74 Restaurant Week

I'm very interested in hearing a report from anyone who has done RN74 during Restaurant week (I know, it just started).



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  1. I've been to RW at RN 74 during a previous one and was pretty disappointed. The only dish that was at all interesting was the one we ordered from the regular menu, and all of the dishes were half-heartedly executed. Not impressed at all

    1. went to rn74 not long after they opened and was 100% disappointed - 4 dishes, 4 utter disasters. how restaurant week can improve that is rather difficult to imagine

      1. Is anyone, here or elsewhere, reviewing Restaurant Week offerings at other restaurants? Seems kinda quiet.

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        1. re: HungWeiLo

          I am out on Restaurant Week. It seems that it gets worse every year.
          Too crowded. Weak offerings by places that aren't much better than what they do normally. I don't see the appeal in it any more.

          I'm almost more inclined to go to places that AREN'T part of Restaurant Week.

          A hot little tip, Madison Park Conservatory has an "Ant-Restaurant Week" going that's probably better than Restaurant Week. If you follow them on Facebook, they release a "Secret Word" every day on Tues, Wed, Thurs that gets you 50% off everything on their food menu. I feel like MPC has fallen off the radar a little bit after a hot opening, but they are better than at least half of the places listed for Resto Week and that half off food deal is better than anyone is offering.

          1. re: GreenYoshi

            Thanks for the tip, Green! I will definitely be checking that out.

            I've not bothered with SRW in the past, but decided to this autumn. This past week I went to Rover's and Lark. Rover's was lovely, with the starters and mains well presented. I didn't love the desserts as much, feeling the chocolate wasn't well accompanied (except for the fig compote, which I loved) and that the apricot panna cotta was too stiff.

            Last night I went to Lark and, with the exception of the pork with a wonderful celery puree, I came away unimpressed. Especially since they subbed the tuna with another fish that I don't think carried the dish nearly as well as the tuna would have.

            Nest week I'm checking out Belle Clementine and Staple and Fancy.

            I suppose I could have posted that in a new thread, but I don't feel these reviews are necessarily representative of the restaurants as a whole and don't deserve a new thread.

            1. re: GreenYoshi

              I went to the Madison Park Conservatory on Wednesday. I think the food portion of the bill came out to about $75 for three with the discount. We had the deviled eggs, fried brussels sprouts, boudin balls, two quails, scallops, rabbit garganelli., peanut butter ice cream, apple crisp, and the cookie plate (the tongue's still on the menu, but I've had it already). Everything was a hit and I can't imagine we would have eaten this well at most of the places doing restaurant week.

              Things may change after the "secret" gets out, but the restaurant was only half-full on Wednesday. $130+tip with drinks is a great deal for one of the most interesting restaurants in the city.

            2. re: HungWeiLo

              Did dinner at Crush which we do every year, but this year it did NOT wow. Best thing was the Truffle Leek vichyssoise that was wonderfully rich. Rest was ok, but unlike prior years, did not wow.

              Had excellent lunches at both Cafe Flora and Mistral, although was less happy with the Parsnip Soup at Mistral than have been in the past. Dinner at Monsoon for 4 last night was a real hit - Appetizers of Bo La Lot, Spare ribs, fried veggie rolls to wrap up in lettuce and Jicima salad all great. Mains included the Catfish which is always my fav; pork chop with lemon grass & greens, wokked beef with veggies and two veggie sides (bok choy & green beans). All 4 of us had chocolate ganache for desert. All around wonderful, especially since our guests were out of towners!

              1. re: HungWeiLo

                Thanks. I've gone out for RW for the past several years - and every single time I've ended up ordering from the normal menu after looking at the RW menu. Maybe I'll actually try to stick with the RW menu this time (and do my homework beforehand).

              2. Our group of six dined at The Coterie Room last night. They ran out of 1 of the dessert offerings while we sat down at 7:30pm. Duck rilletes, apple and arugula salad and short ribs were well done but nothing out of the park. Unfortunately, half of our crew ordered the vegetarian pasta entree thinking it included lobster, not lobster mushrooms!

                They were also training a new server so there was that.

                Despite driving my industry friends crazy by patronizing SRW, dinner for 2, a couple drinks and tip for under $100 is a good deal and we'll continue to try new places during this promo.

                1. We did Maximilien last night, our first time there.

                  Pretty good, not great. She did the mussels, beef cheeks, and bread pudding. I did the country paté, beef cheeks, and pear sorbet. Mussels were excellent. The paté was mediocre, especially given how much good charcuterie you can get around here now. I mean, Le Pichet and Matt's are literally around the corner. The beef cheeks themselves were delicious, but the accompanying sauce was one-note and almost institutional. Mashed potatoes and roasted veggies were both well-executed. Her dessert was delightful. Mine had wonderfully intense flavor, but was exceedingly gritty. Maybe that's how pear sorbet is...don't think I've ever tried it before. Didn't stop me from inhaling it, pears being my favorite fruit and one of my very favorite foods.

                  Off the restaurant-week menu, we started with a half-dozen oysters, which were quite tasty.

                  Bar selection could use a serious update.

                  Probably wouldn't return for a full dinner, but could see heading back to share a bowl of mussels and a couple beers after work if a window table was available. Or maybe dessert and coffee after a night at Benaroya.

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                  1. re: eight_inch_pestle

                    There is no need for pear sorbet to be gritty, much less exceedingly so. Pears do have gritty stone cells, but between cooking, pureeing, and passing through a fine chinoise, they can be eliminated.

                    1. re: babette feasts

                      That's what I figured. Well, that's another ding then. Thanks for sharing.