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Oct 16, 2012 09:11 PM

Paleo Friendly Restaurants in Downtown Minneapolis?

hi Hounders,
I'm in Minneapolis for the evening (staying at the Westin) for work and one of my colleagues is a dedicated paleo-diet enthusiast (no dairy, no carbs). Seafood and various meats are OK. Saffron looks interesting but I'm not sure where else to go - any ideas? Price is not an issues and a fun atmosphere would be welcome - nothing too formal but not too bar-style either.
Any thoughts?

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    1. Butcher and Boar, Brasa (casual meat centric). Forgo FOGO.

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      1. re: keg

        haha forgo Fogo. I totally would try Butcher and Boar before Fogo, though I haven't had a change to go yet (it's newish)! I love Brasa, but it is a tiny bit out of downtown area. But I still love it.


      2. JD Hoyt's, Manny's, Murray's, Capitol Grill, most any steak house you could search for on google would fit the bill.

        1. I second the rec for Butcher and Boar. Very meat centric plus a much more fun atmosphere than the steak houses. Saffron is excellent too, though.