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Paleo Friendly Restaurants in Downtown Minneapolis?

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hi Hounders,
I'm in Minneapolis for the evening (staying at the Westin) for work and one of my colleagues is a dedicated paleo-diet enthusiast (no dairy, no carbs). Seafood and various meats are OK. Saffron looks interesting but I'm not sure where else to go - any ideas? Price is not an issues and a fun atmosphere would be welcome - nothing too formal but not too bar-style either.
Any thoughts?

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    1. Butcher and Boar, Brasa (casual meat centric). Forgo FOGO.

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        haha forgo Fogo. I totally would try Butcher and Boar before Fogo, though I haven't had a change to go yet (it's newish)! I love Brasa, but it is a tiny bit out of downtown area. But I still love it.


      2. JD Hoyt's, Manny's, Murray's, Capitol Grill, most any steak house you could search for on google would fit the bill.

        1. I second the rec for Butcher and Boar. Very meat centric plus a much more fun atmosphere than the steak houses. Saffron is excellent too, though.

            1. I eat paleo and love Saffron and Brasa! I haven't tried Butcher & Boar yet, but they are on my list. If you are willing to go to Brasa's neighborhood, Gorkha Palace is another fantastic option. They make their own ghee (usually paleo folks will eat that) and the food is out of this world. Just order strategically.

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                Thank you all! Great recommendations- I'm going to try for butcher & boar- great food options and an incredible beer menu (for me). Really appreciate the help! I'm planning in trying the other places next time around.