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Oct 16, 2012 07:39 PM

Dining for One in Paris

I'm traveling to Paris in a few weeks for work, on my own, and will have my nights free to explore and was hoping for some recommendations for tasty places to eat. Last time I was in Paris for work my meals were much less than tasty - I'll be staying in the southwest of paris near the 15th and 7th arrondisements. Please help!
Also, any shopping recommendations are welcome as well!!

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  1. Could you help us help you by giving us more info than just "tasty" and "15th and 7th"? While 7th and 15th are not vague, tasty is so vague it covers 100% of all recommendations here and elsewhere.
    You can start by telling us what you like or don't like about this board's recommendations on the 7th and 15th. Looking forward to reading your takes.

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      I have been to Paris several times alone and with others. I find that the casual cafes have lovely food. The "plate du jur" is usually a safe bet. Have some wine and enjoy Paris!

    2. Thank you - I'm new to Chowhound and hadn't found anything specifically for the 15th and 7th arrondisements, but I'll look again. I was in Paris a few years ago in the Spring and ended up eating sandwiches to go and a mediocre beef bourgignone in a tourist trap. i was only there for 2 days, this time I have five days. I would like to have some traditional French fare and I'm just not sure what other cuisines are worth a try there. I'd like to have mussles somewhere...

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        When you search, you will realize how vast and vibrant is the Paris food scene.
        Already you are making the right first step by realizing that you ate badly because of no research. Again, take some time to look at the vast wealth of info just on the 7th and 15th, and come back to us with a shortlist, and we will be able to share our experience much more fruitfully.

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          what part of the 15me? Le Belisaire is a favorite bistro of mine, with friendly folk and tasty reasonably priced food.

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            I'm staying right by the Gare Montparnasse train station, suposedly in the middle of the left bank area near the latin quarter?

          2. re: Shellierock

            Oh I cringed reading about eating sandwiches and bad beef bourg!! What a shame! It makes me so sad to know that so many people do this because they don't research first, and then walk away from Paris saying they didn't like the food. This time you'll do it right. You've come to the right place, there is such a wealth of knowledge here, but I'll admit that the CH search feature isn't always the best. If you search "chowhound 15th" or "chowhound 7th" in Google, something will pop up to direct you to a good post, and then it will automatically recommend other related posts that should be helpful. Here's a few recommendations you can look into in the meantime:

            Le Cornichon (This is just south of where you're staying, near Montparnasse cemetery)
            Josephine Chez Dumonet (6th) - Also not too far, and where you can find some proper beef bourgignon.

            Au Petit Sud Ouest (all duck dishes so you can try some magret or confit de canard, very friendly owners)
            Les Cocottes & Cafe Constant (no reservations)
            Violon d'Ingres

            Le Casse Noix
            Le Grand Pan

            Since you're staying near Montparnasse, you could just as easily go northeast rather than southwest and find Les Papilles, l'Avant Comptoir, Comptoir du Relais (Sat/Sun), Semilla. And don't be afraid to hop on a metro and go to some of the other places that are raved about here.

            I've eaten in Paris restaurants plenty of times by myself. If you're not used to doing that, then Les Cocottes is a good choice to start with because you can sit at the bar. Also l'Avant Comptoir, which is standing room only.

            You're off to a good start! Just remember you need to make reservations almost everywhere. I remember one of my first trips to Paris where I first started doing research for restaurants, and I had my list but didn't know to reserve, so I walked from place to place being told "Sorry, complet." I just didn't know. If you want a dining buddy one night, I'm always looking for excuses to try somewhere new. Just let me know. Happy researching!

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              Hallelujah, tell em, Brother Juliemarie. Your post should be framed.

          3. The original comment has been removed
            1. You are in the border of 14th, 15th and 6th.

              Do you want walking distance or are you willing to do a little ride on the metro?

              Shopping do you mean food shopping or stuff shopping?

              1. re: Snoopyoo

                You guys are awesome thank you! I posted on yelp last week and got one horrible suggestion then my friend told me chowhound is the place to ask... I'll do some research on these. Thanks for the heads up on reservations!

                1. re: Shellierock

                  Also check out Paris By Mouth.

                  I found it to be a very helpful supplement to Chowhound, since the posts typically include address, map, phone number and other useful info - along with links to other online reviews. It's search features are pretty robust, too. Was often able to help me when I had a "tie-breaker" between two places...

                  And FWIW, my recent post "Nine Days in Paris" on here was all based on solo dining.