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Oct 16, 2012 06:31 PM

trip report

since i took advantage of the posters and information available on this board, i thought it only fair to report back, if briefly.

day one:
galatoire's: a big surprise. i thought it would be impossible to get into on a friday evening, and be a drag. it was a total gas. food was good enough, and the old world experience was keen. looked like locals there. fun. just fun. i'd go again.

arnaud's, carousel bar, napoleon house. arnaud's the star here. fantastic cocktails, top notch room. carousel a little disappointing. drinks good, room only o.k. meh. napoleon house was a great room, but the manhattan i had was n.g. still, a cool place, and i'd go back there and try and order better.

day two:
cafe du monde. interesting people watching.

coop's: love the vibe of the place, loved our server. good food. i'd go again.

sylvain's: had a cocktail or two. excellent. ramos fizz i had there the best drink i had in nola.

three legged dog: nice change from the kind of places i'd been going. had a good beer in a plastic cup.

bar at pere marquette: fantastic, knowledgeable bartendress. very well executed, excellent drinks. would return.

herbsaint: i enjoyed this place, but not sure i ordered all that well. good charcuterie plate, but no real salumi that night, and that was disappointing. house spaghetti and field peas were highlights. would go again for sure.

day three:

atchafalaya: bloody mary bar is always a bad idea. decent pimm's. the food was really, really good. tasty grillades and grits. friendly folks.

gott's: just had a drink while others ate, so can't judge the food. it looked o.k. the cocktail was o.k.

american sector: a not good moscow mule.

borgne: sat at the bar, had decent drink and tasty app. intrigued.

r'evolution: a great restaurant i would recommend to anyone. some very well made cocktails, mind blowing charcuterie plate. delicious quail would definitely return.

day four:
cafe du monde. see above.

felix's. would return. the people that work there are awesome the food darn good.

sazerac bar at roosevelt: great room, a good not great ramos fizz. i'd give them another shot.

need to explore the more outlying areas next visit. thanks for the help.

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  1. Sylvain’s makes their own soda. If you like rum and coke, it’s so friggin’ good. The Carousel Bar went through a major renovation which tripled the size and scope of the place. It’s a cool place to catch live jazz, but I think they took away from the special “aura” of riding the carousel and sipping a leisurely drink in a dark and mysterious way. I can’t wait to go back to Revolution.

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    1. re: shanefink

      yeah, the Carousel Bar had a darker cave vibe before that i enjoyed more than their retro-glam redesign. im sure its popular tho.

      RR's charcuterie plate is indeed excellent.

    2. But did you actually sit at the carousel of the Carousel Bar? Napoleon House is all ambience, little quality, other than a Pimm's and (heated!) Muffuletta.

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      1. re: nolala

        i did not sit at the bar. but right near it. not sure it would have made much difference. you may be right about napoleon house.

        1. re: linus

          The expanded bar at the Monteleone has certainly taken away it's idiosyncracy, but either sitting at the bar or at one of the front windows (to afford a view of the carousel and the street) is still nice.

        2. re: nolala

          there are only a couple things i eat at Napoleon House -- the roast beef poboy is actually pretty good. the pesto bruschetta is enjoyabe. and their vegetarian hippy sandwich is actually really good.

          1. re: kibbles

            Really? Their roast beef po boy? I'll have to try it.