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Oct 16, 2012 06:24 PM

What's the word on Wings N Things? Are they reopening and who is behind it?

Just heard via Facebook, that they are reopening and I want to know if it's true and why? It was a fun place but it ran it's course and the food was only so-so. What's going on?

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  1. LOL....are you serious?

    Can you post the Facebook link? I can't find anything.

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      1. re: JerkPork

        Their twitter link shows the familiar Montreal logo....Could this signal the return of Ben and his "Hot Louie's"?

      2. Perhaps it's the American Wing N Things franchise

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        1. re: JadeMyst

          I gather not. If you read through the Facebook comments it looks like Brahm Mauer is opening it up, the use of the old logo would also indicate an independent operation. I don't see any mention of the man who was behind it in the 90s though. Is it possible the original owner sold recipes, logos, trademarks to the new operators? Maybe. We'll soon find out.

          1. re: JerkPork

            wow why would anyone buy the trademarks of a failed restaurant
            by the end, wings and things was terrible

            1. re: catroast

              Just my theory, nothing to back it up. The product was good in the 90s. Either way I bet the menu gets totally revamped.

              1. re: JerkPork

                I think they were the first on the Montreal scene showcasing buffalo wings - and charging primo prices for them.
                I liked them and it was a fun restaurant, but yeah, they went downhill towards the end. I think Buffalo Bills and the spread of chicken wings (like La Cage aux Sports) in general was their downfall.

                1. re: porker

                  there never really was a spread of buffalo wings. montreal has always been a terrible city for chicken wings. in ontario, every crappy pizza place makes passable buffalo wings. ordering wings here is usually a disaster. mckibbins makes decent wings but that's the exception.

                  1. re: catroast

                    I think I know what you mean about the "spreading", maybe i used the wrong term...
                    It was about 1987 and my brother lived down the street from Wings & Things. He invited me and the future Mrs. Porker out "to drink big beers and eat chicken wings."
                    "eating chicken wings" sounded absurd - it was unheard of at that time, and a delicious novelty. So Wings & Things got in on the bottom floor.
                    When Buffalo Bills came along, their wing prices were about 1/2 that of Wings&Things. I remember thinking Wings & Things made a killing for quite a few years with no competition.
                    Soon after, 10c wing nights started popping up at many bars.
                    This "spreading" or "widespread availibility" of wings, I think, was the demise of Wings & Things.
                    I agree that great wings are more an exception in MTL.

        2. I was in the area and decided to check out their location. Very odd location, I hope it works out for them. It seems the entrance is along the side of a long building on Royalmount. Maybe it can be accessed from the front too?

          1. the menu has been posted on their facebook page.


            Too many sauces, sliders instead of a real burger, and worst of all.. No homemade blue cheese sauce! I worked at the Sherbrooke location in the dying days so I'll be trying wings and a ranch salad, but some of the best-sellers (like pierogies) will be sorely missed.

            Their kitchen staff is going to go bananas with all the choices available for the sliders. YIKES!

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            1. re: C70

              Exactly what i was thinking, i would have removed the slider part of the menu completly, they seem to have added it because it bridges 2 trends, sliders and customizable burgers!

              1. re: westaust

                The menu looks more like Wings N Burgers. Where are the homeade Mozzarella sticks, the mushrooms, the nachos with chili, the potato skins. And no price incentive on volume of wings ordered???? Unless it's a work in progress this is just Wings N Things in name and banking on nostalgia.

                1. re: JerkPork

                  i remember that when i was a kid i loved their potato skins. in hindsight i can imagine the crap quality they must have been, but at age 8...

                  I just looked at the menu on their fb page. So unhealthy and am I just blind or do they not even have potato skin even more?!??!

                  1. re: LoveGossipGirl

                    You'd be surprised, a lot of the stuff they had on their menu was made from scratch. The skins were actually made from fresh potatoes, scooped out the potato which was used for mashed and used the skins for the potato skins.

                    1. re: LoveGossipGirl

                      The mozz sticks, onion rings, and mushrooms were also double-breaded by hand. The curly fries were homemade, as was the blue cheese sauce. JP, technically there was no mashed, the potato was used for the fried 'smashed' potatoes.

                      1. re: C70

                        Wasn't it "twice fried, mashed potatoes" w/ cheese & bacon?
                        We called them twice mashed fried potatoes.

                        Which reminds me - appropo of almost nothing - ate at the Outback years ago in Burlington VT. I ordered a side of mashed potatoes, but was confused by the chunks of....something... in the off-color mashed.
                        Turns out their "mashed" potatoes were simply blanched french fries improperly mashed with a masher. The chunks were un-mashed fry ends.....disgusting.

              2. i dare one of you to ask on FB if they make their own sauces.

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                1. re: catroast

                  According to their FB page, all their sauces are homemade

                  1. re: catroast

                    Someone asked on FB and this is what they said specifically

                    "All of our sauces are homemade and our butter-based sauces are made to order."

                    Will be curious to start getting some first-hand reports of this place, so much buzz. :-)