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Oct 16, 2012 05:37 PM

Tartufo in Newton: Very good Abruzze/Sicilian style menu

Have been meaning to try this for some time (in my neighborhood I am fond of La Morra and if I want "southern" I'll go to Carlos Cucina and if I want to go in town it's Erbaluce to it's hard to fit another "Italian" into the mix). A Living Social deal turned the "mean to try" into "going tonight." Pretty room and jammed on a Tuesday, with a definite feel of a neighborhood trattoria with lots of regulars. Still, for non-regulars, we found a pleasant welcome and, given the place was hopping, reasonable service as well. The food was generally good to very good, with our one quibble being that it seemed unevenly priced (somehow the grilled portobello salad at $14.00 seemed oddly pricey compared say to the clams tagliatelle at $20.00). The very good things included the bread. the said grilled portobello salad, and an outrageously tasty chicken basil gorgonzola. The tagliatelle was good but the clam sauce lacked the strong garlic kick my spouse prefers, though he said it was tasty enough. He also found the olive oil served with the bread to be on the anemic side. The menu was broad, strong on the pasta choices, and definitely sang a song of the South of Italy. The bar was apparently good: he praised his Manhattan and he knows whereof he drinks. Since I don't care for the hassle of the North End though I do like Prezza and Mama Maria's, this is a reasonable alternative and we'll go back to sample some more.

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  1. Good to see this place get some love. My meals there have been mixed but mostly good (e.g. the Bolognese pasta), and I would not travel far for it, but its a fine local option, and an antidote to Appetito across the street.