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Oct 16, 2012 05:36 PM

Daniel Boulud?

What happened?? We met family who had gone to a concert at Lincoln Center at Bar Boulud and it was a nightmare experience. My salad, the autumnal of pear, endive etc, was a mess of wilted and tasteless garbage. My entree, the duck breast, arrived (after a lonnnggg wait) cold. I asked for it to be made hot and it came back 2 minutes later just as tepid. Worse that it was like sawing through shoe leather...I asked for it to be taken back as it was inedible. A real find for $30!! Our table was comped nothing for the inexcusably bad food (no one else was thrilled with their choices..) we paid the humongous bill and all went home feeling slightly ill. I was so embarrassed as I had touted the place...where is Chef Daniel in all of this??

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    1. re: calf

      We started out loving it when it first opened but slowly began to consider it the emperor with no clothes.

      1. You sure got them on a bad day! I don't go to Bar Boulud that often but every time I have, the food has been exceptional. Maybe Daniel Boulud has spread himself too thin and isn't keeping on top of all his many eateries. I'll give them another try next week.

        1. You should call and leave a personal message for Daniel Boloud. He would I'm sure like to hear about things like this and resolve.

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          1. I think you hit them on a bad day. I go about 6 times a year before the opera and have never had something like this happen.

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            1. re: von_levi

              I never have either and I have eaten in every one of his restaurants, from the great Daniel, to dbBistro, to DBGB to Cafe Boulud, Boulud Sud and the Bar, and I have savored every sip and spoonfull. This is the reason I bothered to post on Chow, I was shocked and dismayed, not to say embarrassed, since my family came on my recommendation..wondered if it was me, or if others have had a similar experience..

              1. re: alfresca

                I'm going there this Saturday for pre-opera lunch; I'll report back if there are any issues.

                You should send them an e-mail. I've always found that Boulud's restaurants have excellent customer service.

            2. I was mildly disappointed in a recent meal as well (and I've had excellent ones in the past).
              The appetizer of aoili with vegetables - the vegetables were OK but not cooked perfectly (some overcooked, some under).
              Lamb ragu pasta was great.
              I was also quite underwhelmed by the duck. Definitely had been sitting out for a while based on temp and color. Not nearly as tender as one would expect.